Top Winter Dog Accessories to Keep Your Pup Warm

January 3, 2019

When winter weather arrives in the North, we ready ourselves with coats, scarves, hats, and warm blankets, but what about our four-legged friends? These winter dog accessories will help you get your pup ready for the chilly weather, too! From coats to shoes, blankets to beds, these products will prepare them for even the coldest day.

Blizzard Coat

embark dog coat

Does your dog need to go outside, but there’s a blizzard brewing? Made to withstand any kind of weather, this water-resistant bodysuit will allow your pup to brave the harsh conditions. The straps by each leg, and the adjustable inner lining with a top zipper, creates a comfortable fit for each pup.

Padded Vest


Made for quick walks outside or trips in the car, this sleek, padded vest will keep your pup warm and comfy while protecting them on crisp winter days. It can also be used for the occasional chilly evening come early spring. It’s super snug and super cute!

Kuoser Dog Coat

embark dog coats windproof

These doggy coats are lightweight, water-repellent, and windproof, making them the perfect jacket for your daily stroll through the neighborhood, or if they just need a little more warmth indoors during their naps. This coat features an easy closure and warm, fleece lining so your dog will feel extra comfortable.

Paw Protection

embark paw protection winter accessories
Cold weather brings icy sidewalks, and oftentimes those layers of salt meant to melt it away can be dangerous for your pup. Want to protect your dog’s paws, but they don’t like to wear booties? Does your pup just like digging in the snow during your walks? This easy to use and non toxic wax can be easily applied to the pads of your dog’s paws, shielding those delicate toes from cold, ice, and salt burn.

QUMY Dog Boots

embark dog boots winter accessories

Need something a little more insulating? These rugged booties will ensure your pup is adventure-ready in any kind of weather. Easy to put on and off, these shoes expand with a wide split seam opening, two adjustable, and reflective velcro straps to ensure a tight fit. The reflective velcro makes them great for you and your dog’s nighttime stroll.

Budd Pet Knitted Scarf

embark dog scarf winter accessories

If you want your doggo to stay extra warm indoors or outdoors, add these cute scarves to their regular winter getup! Crafted out of cotton and acrylic, this fashionable neckwear will allow your pup to move around with ease while keeping them cozy and snug.

Summit Dog Snood

embark dog snood winter accessories

If you and your dog are venturing outdoors for an extended period in the chilly weather, these snoods will keep their ears and neck toasty and warm. Plus, they are easily cinched on the ends so your pupper will stay comfortable.

Dog Blanket Fleece Fabric

embark dog blanket winter accessories

Extra warm and soft, these fleece blankets come in three sizes and are great for your dog’s bed during the winter months. Additionally, these blankets could be used for added comfort during car rides to the vet, or placed onto their favorite nap spot.

Furhaven Burrow Dog Bed

embark dog bed winter accessories

Round and fleece-lined, this comfy dog bed sports an orthopedic bottom and soft top that encourages your pup to nestle-in, snuggle, and hideaway in peace. The zippable, removable cover makes it easy to keep it clean and comfortable for your best friend!

Top Winter Dog Accessories to Keep Your Pup Warm
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