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We’re redesigning the approach to canine genetic discovery

We know that the concept of no-cost research studies sounds too good to be true. But clubs and breed organizations that partner with us purchase DNA kits get their dogs’ genetic results at an exclusive discounted price. On top of that, they have access to breed-specific genetic research studies that we custom build with them for no additional cost. We call this new model ‘research-forward’. Who else is out there doing this? No one.

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Research studies defined by who?

You. You know your breed best and know potential risks. Our aim is to make genetic discoveries to eliminate those genetic health risks. A match made in dog breeding heaven.


Routine reports on genetic health in your breed

Managing health in your breed requires knowing the state-of-the-state. We anonymize data for partner organizations and provide routine reports with breed statistics, the progression of health conditions, and genetic diversity assessments for your breed.

Genetic counseling

One on one genetic counseling

We recognize that you are the expert on your breed. We are experts on canine genetics. Our canine genetic counselors are here to help you understand how genetics can guide your breeding programs and enhance your lines while we together build a healthier future for dogs.

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    When we set out to improve Doberman Pinscher health and longevity, we knew we needed the best DNA test available and the brightest minds in veterinary genetics.
    Sophie Liu, DVM, Co-Founder, Doberman 
Diversity Project

Ready to Partner?

Our designated breeder relations team is ready to discuss how Embark can partner with you and your organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not a breed club or organization representative, but I want to send information to them about potential partnerships to help them learn more.

Many of our partnerships have started exactly this way - with members championing for organization-wide participation. We recommend that you download this pamphlet that has more information, and send it directly to your breed club decision-makers or contacts. You can also click here to send an email directly with this information

Who owns the data, and how do I ensure that anonymity is protected in these studies?

Embark values your confidentiality and has developed a Privacy Policy that prioritizes the safety of your personal information balanced with the goal of improving the health of dogs. Under our Privacy Policy, we do not share your personal information. However, consistent with the Privacy Policy your dog's information, including genetic and trait/health information, may be shared with researchers after the removal of personally identifiable information.

My breed is unique and has specific needs. How do I make sure those are addressed if we partner with Embark?

Every partnership is unique. Embark recognizes that breeds, by their very nature, are distinct, and these differences are what makes dogs such a remarkable model for genetic discovery. A key element of a successful partnership is for our team to learn more about your dogs from the breed’s experts (you!) and work together with your organization to customize a meaningful program for your breed.

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