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Meet Embark's Veterinary Geneticist Service Team

Embark was founded with the mission to end preventable disease in dogs. To help achieve this, Embark’s dog DNA tests use a research-grade microarray. This allows us to provide the most accurate and comprehensive results on the market, as well as conduct on-going research and make new genetic discoveries to further canine health.

To better help breeders apply all the information provided in their DNA Test results and optimize their breeding decisions, Embark has an in-house team of veterinary geneticists available to provide one on one consultations via phone, email, and at in-person events throughout the year. In addition to supporting our breeder community, these veterinary geneticists also work closely with our in-house research scientists to make new genetic discoveries.

Depending on the questions and interests of the breeder, the expert advice provided in these consultations often covers the following topics:

  • Mating Assessment: Given the tested dog’s results for genetic health conditions and genetic COI, what should the breeder look for in the potential mate to maximize the genetic health of the litter? This can include assessing clear, carrier, and “at-risk” status for various conditions, the genetic COI of the dog compared to the breed’s averages, and more.
  • Litter Assessment: When both prospective mating pair dogs are tested by Embark, our team can provide specific guidance on the projected litter and more fully inform the breeders about its potential genetic health. This assessment can also include expected physical traits of the puppies in the litter (coat color, shedding, etc.). 
  • Research and Trends for your breed. Embark’s veterinarians can advise on current or upcoming research related to your breed and ways for breeders to support these efforts. Your questions and suggestions are always welcome as well!

Email to set up your consultation or visit to learn more about Embark’s included services for breeders!

Meet some of Embark’s Veterinary Geneticists dedicated to the breeder community: Dr. Kari, Dr. Evin, and Dr. Katie!

Dr. Kari

Dr. Evin


Rowley (“sitting” in for Dr. Katie)

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