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Breeder Spotlight: Stacy Miller Talks Litter Testing With Laura Reeves

Meet Stacy Miller: highly respected Standard Poodle breeder, show dog owner—and an outspoken advocate of litter testing. 

As a company dedicated to improving the lives of purebred dogs, Embark is always looking for opportunities to showcase insights from responsible breeders. So we were delighted when Laura Reeves, host of the popular podcast, Pure Dog Talk, caught up with Stacy Miller at our sponsor booth at the Westminster Dog Show. Here are some highlights from their interview:


Welcome to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show! I am Laura Reeves, your host of Pure Dog Talk Podcast. We are here at the Embark booth and we are speaking with Stacy Miller who has standard poodles—and a pretty amazing Embark story to tell. 

Can you tell us about your seven puppies? (I am jealous – six girls!)

Yep. Six girls with one boy—I Embarked the entire litter and I knew mom was a carrier for two things, and dad was completely clear. So, I was curious with this litter because it was the first litter that I had with these two. Curious to see who got what, what was passed on. So I did the whole entire litter and it ended up that the male was completely clear like dad, three of the girls were carriers just like mom, and the other girls were clear. 

So that enabled you to take those clear girls and carry forward with the breeding program—without concern about even carrier status?

Right. I ended up keeping a carrier girl anyway just because she was my pick, but at least I knew what she had. And then I had one going to a show home and I could tell them, “You know, she is a carrier, just so you know these things.” And they were okay with that too. It’s just one of those things. 

“Folks interested in show puppies want to know:

Am I going to test this entire litter? Absolutely!”

                                                     —Stacy Miller, breeder of Standard Poodles, Williamsport, PA

So how are you going to use Embark the next time?

Well, we are going to repeat this breeding again in the spring and I’ve already had folks contacting me who are interested in show puppies because this was a pretty nice litter. They want to know, am I going to test this entire litter? And absolutely I am! There’s one person in particular [that needs to know], her male, that she would be breeding to, who is a carrier. So he needs to know who is clear because that’s going to narrow her field of choice down.

Right! And you can still make selections. Maybe it doesn’t have the prettiest hat or ear set, but you know it’s clear for a particular disease.



Stacy’s not the only one in the spotlight: Cue Willow

Stacy’s dogs are ready for their closeup! Check out Willow, Stacy’s 3-year-old standard poodle, who co-stars with Rebel Wilson and Liam Hemsworth in the 2019 Warner Brothers hit, Isn’t it Romantic.  

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