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Provide Extra Peace of Mind: Vet-Verify Your Dog's DNA Sample

More and more registries and breed organizations require it with your dog’s DNA results submission: Veterinary verification of identity.

Of course, Embark’s DNA Test already includes multiple verification checks: We confirm that the genetic sex matches the owner-reported sex for a dog. We conduct a review of genetic breed ancestry. If needed, we even compare genetic relatedness between Embark-tested dogs. But many registries and breeders want more proof that a dog’s genetic sample was collected from that specific dog. How can you reassure them?

Take advantage of Embark’s veterinary verification option

Add an extra layer of assurance that the swab was collected from a specific dog by using Embark’s Veterinary Verification Form. This confirms that your vet has collected the sample and has verified the identity of your dog by a permanent identifier (microchip or tattoo). It’s optional, but by proactively ensuring that stakeholders have all the information they need, you can avoid roadblocks. 

Display veterinary verification in just 3 steps

Getting started is easy. Simply download the form here. Then follow these steps:

  • Have a veterinarian sign the completed form: Make sure the form contains the same information that’s on your dog’s Embark profile, including name, date of birth, and microchip number.
  • Upload the form to your dog’s profile: Scan the form to a PDF file, or take a photo of it. Then upload it to your dog’s profile via the “Add Documents” button. 
  • Adjust and save your privacy setting: Select Veterinary Verification Form under the “Category” dropdown menu. If you set it to “Public”, the registered swab code for that dog will be shown publicly alongside the form, allowing viewers (other breeders, clubs, registries, etc.) to verify the information on the form. (You can see how it will look to others by clicking your dog’s Public profile link). 

To keep the form private, choose the “Not Shared” setting. We encourage you to email us to discuss this alternative.

Enjoy all our Breeder Tools and Services

Our Veterinary Verification Form is one of the many tools in Embark’s breeder toolbox, specifically designed to help you optimize your breeding program. For help with this form or any of our other services and tools, please feel free to reach out to us at We’re always here to help.

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