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10,000+ 5-star reviews

Most accurate test on the market

Interest-free financing available

10,000+ 5-star reviews

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Interest-free financing available

Their best life
starts with Embark

Fall even deeper in love with your dog by getting to know their unique background.

Dog DNA tests for specialists

Tests designed for your needs, plus dedicated support every step of the way.

Breed identification

Your dog's breed mix is waiting to be found. We sniff out 350+ breeds so you can find out what makes your dog unique.

Health and wellness

From genetic screenings to microbiome testing, when you test with Embark you'll be able to make smarter decisions about your dog’s care.

A closer relationship

Learn more about your dog than you thought possible. Discover the history written in their DNA and connect with their relatives in our database.

Better science for happier dogs

Don’t take our word for it. Dog owners can tell you how Embark has improved their dogs’ lives.

“This is a thing we can prevent.”

“Willie is at risk for kidney and bladder stones. Having this knowledge makes us feel really good because we know this is a thing we can prevent.”
— Julana

Breed + Health DNA Test

“Health issues were fixed”

“One of my dogs has a hereditary issue. Embark notified me immediately before completing the rest of the tests. I took Allie to the vet, unknown health issues were fixed and she is now on preventative treatment (prescription dog food). So grateful!”

– Vicky and Allie

Care resources

“Recommend based on genetics”

“I had never heard of the Gentle Leader head collar... [Before,] Kelce would drag me for 30 minutes, notwithstanding the fact he was gagging for air from the worthless choke chain! All 5 reviews used "Amazing" or "Awesome", and so would mine! Our very first walk was actually enjoyable! For you to recommend it based on his genetics blew my mind!”

– Carolyn and Kelce

Relative Finder

“We have weekly play dates”

“I was beyond excited to have found a brother who was a 56% match, probably from a previous litter. We connected and learned that they lived only 15 minutes from us. We now have weekly play dates.”

– Daniela T.

Buy a bundle and save $100

Sniffing for a deal? Get more tests for less money with a bundle.

Breed + Health test boxes
Save £100

Breed + Health Test 2-pack

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Get Embarked Stamp

Why Embark

We'll give you more info about your dog than anyone else. Embark customers get data they need to improve their dogs' health and wellbeing.

Dog being swabbed
You collect a sample

Whatever you're testing for, we'll give you everything you need to collect a sample with confidence. All Embark tests include a pre-paid mailer for US customers.

We crunch the data

Our scientists are the smartest people around. They apply rigorous analysis to each and every sample, so you can be sure you're getting the most precise results possible.

Results you can use

When you test with Embark, you get more than fun facts. You'll learn how to improve your dog's wellbeing starting today, from preventative care to diet and lifestyle changes.

Dog being swabbed

Data that matters

Our mission is to make scientific discoveries that will improve the lives of all dogs. When you test your dog with Embark, you’re contributing the data that helps us do that.

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