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puppy litter with different colors
Understanding Results

Recombination Explained: How Littermates Can Look Different


When two different purebred dogs have puppies, the resulting litter can have a wide spectrum of looks. This effect is compounded if the parents themselves are mixed breed. Sometimes it can be hard to believe the puppies are related going solely off their appearance. While it’s possible for one litter of puppies to have multiple...

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newfoundland water rescue
Dog Decoded

5 Breed Traits in Dogs Explained by Genetics


As dog breeds populate over generations, they start to pick up distinct behaviors and characteristics. These breed traits can develop as a response to both genetic and environmental factors. We’ll explain this process with a review of 6 specific breed traits as well as the conditions that caused them. Norwegian Lundehund Breed trait: Double-jointed neck...

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small mixed breed dog laying down tongue out
Training & Behavior

Adopting a Dog: The First Week


Adopting a dog is an exciting time. When the time comes to finally bring your new pet home, though, it’s important to keep a level-head to set you and your new pup up for success.  It takes more than buying the right supplies and dog-proofing your home to prepare for your new dog. Once they’re...

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small dog laying down inside home
Training & Behavior

7 Benefits of Fostering a Dog


Now more than ever, many homes are looking toward fostering a dog as a source of companionship. It’s great that so many people are thinking of opening their doors. Animal shelters across the country need foster volunteers now more than ever. The Huffington Post reports that “shelters want to move as many animals as possible...

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woman working on computer with dog
Bonding With Your Dog

How to Work from Home with Dogs


With the rise of working from home, more owners are spending the whole day with their dogs close by. Working remotely comes with its own benefits and challenges, especially when you have a dog as your coworker.  It’s great to be able to spend more time with your dog. There are many studies that show...

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owner training dog at the park
Training & Behavior

How to Train a Shelter Dog


One of the more popular reasons people rescue older dogs instead of adopting puppies is because training a puppy is harder work. While it’s true that older dogs require less maintenance than puppies, they usually don’t come fully trained. If you’re thinking of adopting soon, keep in mind these tips for how to train a...

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introduce a second dog to your home the right way
Training & Behavior

How to Introduce a Second Dog to Your Home


When it comes to dogs, sometimes one just isn’t enough. If you’re ready to introduce a second dog to your home, it’s important to make sure your current dog is on board with the plan. Here are some tips from our veterinary team to keep your dogs happy and safe when introducing them to each...

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Shedding is common in household dogs
Dog Decoded

Dog Shedding Explained


When asked about dog shedding, many people looking to bring home a new pet would say they have a preference for non-shedding dogs. Between allergies and keeping the house clean, shedding dogs get a bit of a bad reputation. But the fact is most dogs shed. According to an Embark health survey, nearly half of...

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puppy playing stay dog game with chew toy

What to Buy Before Bringing Your Puppy Home


Bringing home a new puppy is fun, exciting, and heartwarming. But if you haven’t prepared beforehand, it can be a stressful experience for you and your new pet. In order to make this experience as positive as can be, here’s a veterinarian-approved list of what to buy a new puppy. Food and treats Food should...

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