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This is a Skeletal condition.


What is Chondrodystrophy?

Chondrodystrophy (CDDY) refers to the "long and low" body shape characteristic of many dog breeds, but are also seen at low frequency in other breeds.

What are the signs & symptoms that develop in affected dogs?

Chondrodystrophic dogs have characteristically short and bowed legs with a relatively long body.

When do signs and symptoms develop?

Signs of chondrodystrophy are recognized in puppies.

How do vets diagnose this condition?

Chondrodystrophy can often be identified simply by looking at the affected dog.

How is this condition treated?

There is no treatment for chondrodystrophy.

What actions should I take if my dog is affected?

  • Ramps on and off furniture may help your chondrodystrophic dog.
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