This is a skin & connective tissue condition.

Musladin-Lueke Syndrome, MLS

What is MLS?

This condition causes abnormally strong connections between the structural proteins that provide strength and integrity to tissues like the skin and skeletal muscle, as well as the protective tissue sheaths of the bones and central nervous system.

What are the signs & symptoms that develop in affected dogs?

Dogs with MLS typically come to the vet because of severely contracted joints that cause them to walk on their toes, rather than their paw pads. However, due to the effect of the mutation on internal connective tissues, some dogs can also experience seizures.

When do signs and symptoms develop?

Signs are often first recognized in puppies.

How do vets diagnose this condition?

Clinical signs, genetic testing, and biopsy can be used to diagnose this condition.

How is this condition treated?

Unfortunately, there is no treatment for MLS. However, all but most severe cases can be managed with supportive care.

What actions should I take if my dog is affected?

  • Keeping your affected dog comfortable and giving them the best quality of life you can are the only actions you can take at home.
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