This is a Muscular condition.

Bully Whippet Syndrome

What is Bully Whippet Syndrome?

A disease of muscle growth, affected dogs are heavily muscled and quite athletic. It arises from a mutation in the MSTN gene, which codes for myostatin, a protein with inhibitory effects on muscle growth. Mutations in myostatin have been reported in numerous species and breeds including Belgian Blue cattle, Texel sheep, and even humans! Dogs deficient in myostatin mirror other animal models: they are the natural bodybuilders of the animal world.

What are the signs & symptoms that develop in affected dogs?

The double muscling is obvious when comparing an affected dog to a typical Whippet. Muscle cramping has been reported.

When do signs and symptoms develop?

Signs develop in juvenile dogs.

How do vets diagnose this condition?

Genetic testing and clinical signs can be used to diagnose this condition.

How is this condition treated?

There is no treatment necessary for this condition.

What actions should I take if my dog is affected?

  • Be aware of this condition if choosing to breed or show your Whippet.
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