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An Australian Shepherd dog getting their mouth swabbed for a dog DNA test.
How Dog DNA Testing Works

How Do Dog DNA Tests Work?


You probably know that DNA testing, for animals or for humans, involves sending in a saliva or blood sample and waiting for the results. But what happens to your dog’s sample after it gets to the Embark lab? Let’s break down the science behind how dog DNA tests work. How do dog DNA tests work?...

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A woman holds an Embark DNA test and a book title Adventure Dogs while sitting next to her brown-and-white dog.
Dog Decoded

Adventure Dogs Author Gets Surprising Embark Results


Looking for fun activities to do with your dog that range from ordinary to extraordinary? Maybe your dog is an adventurous mountain climber, like Mason Mason. Or maybe they are more of a homebody, and you’re looking for ideas about how to entertain your dog indoors. No matter what kind of dog you have, writer...

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Brown Rhodesian Ridgeback dog against green nature background
Published Research

Embark Discovers Variant Associated with Hearing Loss in Rhodesian Ridgebacks


Hearing loss is one of the most common disabilities in humans and dogs. Just like humans, Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs can experience progressive hearing loss early in life. This condition is known as early-onset adult deafness (EOAD).  With this form of deafness, dogs lose their hearing by the time they are 1–2 years old. Some purebred...

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White House of the United States on a green lawn with fountain in front
Famous Dogs

Famous Presidential Dogs in the White House


Presidential dogs have played an important role in history. The dogs in the White House offer a glimpse into the lives of the First Family of the United States. They have also been instrumental in shaping the presidential image and making presidents more relatable to the public. Many US presidents since George Washington were animal...

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Two dogs laying next to each other on a couch
Customer Stories

Embark Test Reveals Diego and Companion Dixie Are Siblings


What would you do if you found out your beloved pup would eventually become blind? When Jane Flanders Salazar did an Embark dog DNA test for her dog Diego, she learned that he had two copies of a genetic variant that meant he would eventually lose his eyesight. As reported in Newsweek, Jane rescued a...

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A Jack Russell Terrier looks at the camera with a brown plush toy in its mouth, surrounded by toys in the shape of a giraffe and a lamb.
Training & Behavior

How to Entertain Your Dog Indoors


Dogs need regular exercise, whether that’s a daily walk or playing with friends at the dog park. But when the weather is too hot or too cold for long walks, it can be challenging to find ways to keep your dog entertained indoors. A mix of activities your dog can do on their own and...

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Man in red shirt hugging tan dog
Bonding With Your Dog

The Science Behind Why We Love Our Dogs


Why do we love dogs so much? Science may have some clues about that. The human–animal bond In the early 1930s, an Austrian scientist named Konrad Lorenz kept a collection of goose eggs and waited until they hatched. When they emerged, the newly hatched goslings followed the first moving object they saw—in this case, Lorenz...

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2021 year in review with dog wearing 2021 glasses against black background

2021 Year in Review: Discoveries in Dog Science


2021 was a great year for dog lovers and dog scientists alike. In our 2021 year in review, we dive into some of the big moments that happened in dog genetics this year.  Scientists made lots of discoveries about dog DNA, like the first Basenji dog genome, how puppies are wired to respond to humans,...

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Man petting a dog near dock with lake in the background

10 Ways to Help Dogs in Need


Adoption and fostering are great ways to help dogs in need of forever homes. But there are many other ways to give back, even if you can’t adopt a pet right now. Here are 10 ways to spread the love and help dogs in need this holiday season—or any time of year. 1. Donate to...

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A group of three Bernese Mountain Dogs at the National Dog Show

Embark at the National Dog Show


The Kennel Club of Philadelphia’s National Dog Show is a beloved tradition for many families across America. About 25 million people tuned in this year. Children and their parents, Americans cooking Thanksgiving dinner, and families waiting for football to start all tune in to watch the National Dog Show together on Thanksgiving Day. This year,...

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Australian Shepherd dog next to green Dog DNA Test box on blue background
Choosing a Dog DNA Test

5 Myths About Purebred Dog DNA Tests


There are many misconceptions about purebred dog DNA tests. Did you know that DNA testing can help breeders, owners, and veterinarians make proactive choices that address breed-specific health conditions and traits? Breeders know that genetic testing is an important part of producing healthy purebred puppies, and thousands of breeders have trusted Embark to help manage...

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Dog Decoded showing Clifford, the Big Red Dog
Dog Decoded

Decoding Clifford, the Big Red Dog


Almost everyone knows Clifford, the Big Red Dog. He’s the huge, lovable pup from children’s literature and the star of a new movie. If we ran an Embark DNA test on Clifford, what would we find? A gene that gives him his red coat? Maybe a new mutation that causes supersized dogs? Of course, Clifford...

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