This is a Metabolic condition.

Malignant Hyperthermia

What is Malignant Hyperthermia?

This condition only manifests if affected dogs are treated with certain inhalant anesthetics, and can cause uncontrollable muscle contractions and a dangerous increase in body temperature (hyperthermia).

What are the signs & symptoms that develop in affected dogs?

Affected dogs under anesthesia will have an extreme spike in body temperature and uncontrollable muscle contractions.

When do signs and symptoms develop?

Signs only appear when a dog is placed under certain anesthetics.

How do vets diagnose this condition?

Genetic testing and clinical signs can be used to diagnose this condition.

How is this condition treated?

This can be life threatening. Emergency treatment includes removal of the inhalant anesthetic and rapid cooling of the body with ice and fans.

What actions should I take if my dog is affected?

  • By testing your dog for the mutation that causes malignant hyperthermia, you and your veterinarian can consult to best treat your dog should he or she require anesthesia.
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