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Want to find your pup’s relatives? Thanks to our Relative Finder, it might now be possible. When Embark scientists examine your dog’s DNA, they also look at the other dogs in our database to determine their relatedness. If we do find any of your pup’s relatives, you even have the option of contacting them via our website. This is a great way to learn more about your dog’s family.

We’ve already heard amazing stories of dogs who have been reunited using the Relative Finder, like Artie and Bo, Wiley and Kaylee, and Ollie and Daegyeon. Your furry friend could be next!

Take this fun quiz to see if you can spot which of these dogs are related and have already connected through Embark. Here’s a hint: mixed breed siblings may not look exactly alike.

Quiz: Can You Tell If These Dogs Are Related?

Want to know more about your pup? Try an Embark Dog DNA test. Embark tests for over 350 breeds and 230+ genetic health conditions. And don’t forget to follow @embarkvet on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.

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