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We recently surveyed pet parents to find out what their gifting habits for their dogs are. We compiled most of the data into an infographic, but there’s more. Here are some extra trends we wanted to highlight when pup parents were asked about the most expensive and quirkiest gifts they’ve purchased for their dogs.

dog sitting on person's lap next to wrapped gift


The quickest way to a dog’s heart is their stomach. Here are some of the more lavish dishes pup parents have supplied.

Pup parent responses:

“Japanese wagyu ribeye steak. I didn’t give her the whole thing, though”

“Six foot bone”

“An entire roasted pig”

“She gets chicken nuggets when our kids get fast food kids meals”

“Sometimes she gets her own burger at the drive thru”

“An entire beef tenderloin for his birthday.”


Water fun

Gifts that let dogs splash around or enjoy a day on the lake were a common trend.

Pup parent responses:

“Rented a private lake for him to swim and play”

“A life jacket. We live on a lake and it’s hard to pull an animal out of the water if it falls in. The life jacket has a handle to grab to pull them out!”

“I bought a flat bottom kayak so my dog could go kayaking with me because he loved it so much. He was elderly and enjoyed napping in the kayak. So I’d take him out. He’d nap and I’d read and we’d float for hours in the local slough.”

“A canoe so that he could join on kayaking trips”

“A plastic pool… she thought it was a giant frisbee”

“A ramp to get in and out of the pool”

“A child’s swimming pool, for hot weather playtime.”



Many pup parents were willing to buy entire new vehicles so they could travel with their dogs with comfort in mind.

Pup parent responses:

“RV for traveling with the dogs.   Staying in hotels are stressful with multiple dogs for me and my dogs.  So I treated our family to an RV”

“A motorhome.  Seriously, we bought a motorhome so we could take our babies with us everywhere.”

“I got an SUV to support my dog habits”

“An SUV so she can have more space on car rides😂”

“A second vehicle! To take him on more adventures”

“Haven’t bought it yet, but I’m getting a new vehicle because of the dogs…need more room so everyone is comfortable AND safe.”

“We’ve bought a vehicle to haul the dogs in so that may be considered crazy to some.”

“A Ford 150 truck with  dog bed on the bench back seat…a heated back seat. “

“A $50,000 camper :-)”


person walking with dog outside

Travel gifts:

A lot of pup parents base their travel plans around their dog or specifically plan trips their dog will like.

Pup parent responses:

“A trip from Florida to New Hampshire to play in the snow.”

“Winnie loves staying in hotels, so we have done a 2 night stay a few hours away from home, just for her and her brother Padfoot.”

“I haven’t bought any crazy gifts, but I have brought my dog on my Disney vacation!”

“Bella’s craziest “gift” was a 7 day vacation to Portland, ME. This was listed as the best place to bring your dog on vacation, so the entire 7 days revolves around her and activities just for her.”

“A dog vacation – hiking, rafting, swimming all dog focused”

“We took our pup on a trip and cabin stay in the mountains to celebrate his Birthday.”

“Weekend trip with his best dog friend”


Luxury gifts:

Some pup parents spare no expense (or ingenuity) when it comes to giving their dog a life of luxury.

Pup parent responses:

“His $900 kennel that’s handmade from black walnut and has a cooling memory foam and gel bed with a nightlight. I wanted him to feel happy and excited to be in it.”

“Going out to dinner/brunch in which she gets grilled salmon and Brussels sprouts at the restaurant.”

“A dog house that had stairs on the side which lead to a sundeck on top of the dog house”

“She has an entire nail polish collection dedicated to her and her alone.”

“Our ‘dog house’ is 12×16′ real livable one room outbuilding that I made for my dogs when we lived in an RV. All the necessary things- a/c, heat, wifi. Currently has a full sized bed & recliner”

“She gets massages every 3 months (people say I am crazy to get a dog a massage)”


Hawaiian shirts:

Pup parents dressed up their Alo-hounds with this very specific fashion choice for laughs or cute pics.

Pup parent responses:

“I bought my dog a Hawaiian shirt, that was pretty funny”

“Hawaiian T-Shirt to match mine”

“Hawaiian good luck lei & shirt”

“Hawaiian shirt for vacation”

“Hawaiian shirt but he didn’t like it :(”

“A Hawaiian shirt because it was cute.”


Animal companions:

It’s hard to find a better gift than a new best friend. Several pup parents expanded their family to keep their dogs happy.

Pup parent responses:

“Their own pet chicken 😂😂😂”

“We let our one dog Floyd keep a foster kitten that he fell in love with and they are still best friends today.”

“A kitten. Sort of kidding, but the kitten we adopted is now the dog’s best friend!”

“Three more dogs”

“Another dog! Haha! I adopted my puppy’s littermate when they were 10 months old just so that he would have someone to play with. I basically got a dog for my dog.”



Sometimes a simple toy is all you need—as long as it’s giant or there’s dozens of it all at once.

Pup parent responses:

“A 10 foot stuffed alligator squeak toy. 🤦🏻‍♀️”

“A plush toy panda bigger than him. He picked it out at the pet store and I didn’t have the heart to tell him no.”

“I got her a sandbox (Free) and bought a bunch of sand bags to fill it up. She loves it!”

“A 50 pack of squeaky tennis balls and gave them to her all at once ❤️❤️”

“A life sized Stuffed German Shepherd toy. They really thought it was another dog at first. “

“A giant beaver toy made of sweet potatoes and covered in rubber like material (it was much bigger than expected)”

“Baby’s playpen with plastic balls”


dog leaning on person in front of christmas tree


Sometimes a dog just likes to lay around and be comfortable. Here are some gifts pup parents whipped up to help their dogs unwind.

Pup parent responses:

“Remodeled an entire bedroom dedicated to my dogs”

“Furniture for their room. Real furniture. 😊”

“My dogs have my old ipad mounted to their crate area. They watch squirrels and nature scenes while I work.”

“The craziest gift I bought my dog is probably his couch. He loves going over to his own couch and taking naps or playing with his bones.”

“A giant slab of marble to lay on since it’s cold and he’s a Newf”



Every dog has a unique way of sleeping, but some pup parents take their dog’s snoozing to the next level.

Pup parent responses:

“A racecar shaped air mattress for his dinosaur themed tent (with matching sleeping bag). He loved it!”

“Kids fire truck bed”

“A full size twin mattress of her own including a box spring.”

“A double sized bed (I’m talking human bed measurements) for their kennel.”

“A custom made bed frame so they could sleep under my bed”

“A twin bed (frame and all) for them to sleep in”

“We bought our dogs their own real human bed. Complete with electric mattress pad, their own comforters each, and their own pillows.”

“A bed shaped like a giant Croc shoe”

“Her own large ottoman to use as a bed at the window in the master bedroom. It’s as big as a child’s crib mattress and window height.”



Need ideas for your shopping list? Head over to our gift guides for suggestions on gifts for both dogs and dog people.

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