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Benefits of Having a Pet-Friendly Office

June 19, 2019

If we could, we would bring our doggos just about everywhere with us — the endless lines at the DMV, annual checkups at the dentist, and even on the treadmill, sweating out all those treats (darn, MilkBones). Hopping out of bed on Monday morning definitely wouldn’t be as hard if our furry friends were coming with us. What if we told you that there are some shocking benefits of having dogs in the workplace? These perks are significant enough that 17% of employers have pet-friendly office policies, according to a recent study. Find out why offices everywhere are starting to fill up with our furry companions.

Reduces Stress

How can you not smile in the presence of a four-legged friend? One of the many benefits of having doggo companions in the office is that they have been proven to reduce stress levels. Simply the presence of a pup can significantly reduce the anxiety of employees, according to a study conducted by Virginia Commonwealth University. Less stress and more pups? Yes, please!


Creates a Fur-iendly environment

A pet-friendly office is a welcoming office. The presence of furry friends creates an accepting and inclusive atmosphere. It’s also a great way to better know the people you work with! Doggos in the office result in fewer absences and longer work days (because who would want to leave the cuddles of an adorable pup?), according to The Balance Careers. Doggies in the office is a paw-some way to boost employee morale and promote teamwork. There’s nothing that the cuteness of a pup can’t do!

Makes Your Company Look Good

Besides the sense of community that pups can bring to an office, your company becomes more attractive to potential employees as a result of office puppers! Friendly faces and wagging tails appeal as a perk to most professionals on the hunt for the perfect job. Millennials are heavily influenced by a desire to work in a pet-friendly office, according to Inc. Studies even show that 40% of millennials in the U.K. are looking for an office that welcomes their pup with open paws! Who would’ve thought that your cuddly pupper had those recruiting skills?


Saves Employee Money

Our pups are family – no wonder we want them to have the best care! Bringing pups into the office saves employees tons of money, not to mention they don’t have to worry about their puppers getting the proper treatment. Pet-friendly offices allow employees to ditch the costs of dog-sitters, which serves as a huge perk. Between the full pockets of your coworkers and the fast wags of your new desk-neighbor, it’s a win-win!

Check out this video for even more reasons to bring your pup to work:

Want to bring your pupper into the office but don’t know where to start? Here are some tips on how to make sure your furry friend is ready for the professional world!

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