When it comes to sheer athleticism, dog athletes really can compete with their humans. Marking our 20% off sale for the duration of the Olympics, we decided to highlight some of the most impressive dog athletes in comparison with their human counterparts.

Meet Seven, the Long Jump Canine Champion:
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Believe it or not, the top Long Jumper in the canine world has about a foot more on his stats than the current human World Record-Holder! So what does it take to make a dog jump 30 feet and 4 inches into the air? For German Shorthaired Pointer Seven, just a good old-fashioned game of Frisbee.

Seven became the Ultimate Air Dog Champion at the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge. His record is twelve inches more than the Long Jump record of 29 feet, 4.5 inches set by U.S. Olympic Athlete Mike Powell in Tokyo on August 30, 1991. Quite frankly, both Seven and Powell seem like strong candidates to fill any position with an “able to leap tall buildings in one single bound” requirement!

Introducing Umbra, the World Record Holding Swimmer:

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Most dog athletes are natural born swimmers and Umbra, a Labrador/Greyhound mix, has earned a historic four events with The Guinness Book of World Records. She’s logged well over 600 miles in tandem swimming, even joining a polar bear for a New Year’s Day dip in the lake. Her best unofficial record is a whopping 5.5 miles in just 2 hours and 40 minutes. The U.S. Olympic team has their own swimming icon as well with Michael Phelps, who is the most decorated swimmer of all time with a record winning 23 Olympic medals….and counting!

Say Hello to Missouri, the Four-Footer High Jumper:

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At the 2006 Purina Incredible Dog Challenge National Championship in Gray Summit, Missouri, adopted Greyhound Cinderella May soared over the bar with an altitude of 1.72 m ( 5 ft, 7.71 in), to set the world record for dogs. Owners Kate Long and Kathleen Conroy of Miami, Florida have said that Cinderella May demonstrated outstanding natural abilities from early on, similar to the legendary high jumper Javier Sotomayor (Cuba). Javier is the current men’s record holder with a jump of 2.45 m (8 ft 01?4 in) set in 1993 – the longest standing record in the history of the men’s high jump.

Make Way for Warrant, a D1 Champion Hurdling Pittie:

dog athletes In the canine world, flyball pits teams of dogs against each other with a series of hurdles between them and the finish line, where they press a box with a spring loaded pad to release a tennis ball that must then be returned to their handlers. Warrant, a border/staffy mix, helped lead his United States Flyball team Touch ‘N Go to take the U-FLI Division 1 Champions titles in 2006 and 2007. The team is also the current world record holders for Flyball competition, with the fastest time of 15.096 seconds.

Kevin Young was the first athlete to break the 47 second barrier and is the current world record holder with a time of 46.78. Kevin, US athlete, broke this record in 1992 in Barcelona and his record still stands! Is there anything that would make you jump through (or over) hoops at that speed?

Bow Down to Boo, the Canine Triathlete:

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When it comes to triathlons in the dog world, the traditional swimming, cycling, and running components are replaced by agility, flyball and extreme Frisbee. Boo represents the Whippet breed from the sighthound family. He took the 2005 Extreme Canines Triathlon by storm with a first place win. U.S. Olympic triathlete Susan Rene Bartholomew-Williams also showed impressive endurance. She took the Bronze in her second triathlon during the 2004 Games, with a total time of 2:05:08.92. Her split times were 19:02 for the swim, 1:08:58 for the cycling, and 0:37:08 for the run.

Do you have any dog athletes keeping you company? We’d love to hear about it! Our office dog excels at stuffed-toy-shredding, and we’ve got the fluff on our floor to prove it. Too bad there’s no formal competition for that!