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Embark Unleashes New Breed Identification Kit

July 9, 2019

Today, we released our new Breed Identification Kit — and it has a lot of tails wagging. The new kit focuses on breed, ancestry, and relatives and sells for $129. There is an option to upgrade and get health and trait reports for an additional cost.

This new test screens for over 250 breeds and provides a family tree that goes back three generations; the test can even find a dog’s relatives.

“Embark provides critical information for dog owners, with comprehensive and accurate testing that is unique in canine genetics,” said Ryan Boyko, Embark’s CEO and co-founder. “Learning about a dog’s breed mix and ancestry enables our customers to make better decisions for their pet when it comes to training, behavior patterns, and more.”

Breed Identification

Do you know what is your pupper made of? With our new Breed Identification Kit, we’ll give you a glimpse into your doggo’s past using a research-grade genotyping platform. In mixed breed dogs, Embark can precisely detect even small breed contributions down to 5% of the total breed make up of a dog. This makes our product more than twice as precise as other tests on the market that can only detect breed contributions of 12% or more. Of the mixed breed dogs that Embark has analyzed, 80% had a breed contribution small enough that only Embark would catch the specific breed breakdown for dog owners.  

Knowing the breed mix of your furry friend can provide insight into training and behavior. 


Family Tree

Each pup has a story before licking peanut butter from a spoon on your couch. We provide a family tree that goes back to great-grandparents. How cool would it be to see your pup’s family tree?


Doggy DNA Relative Finder

Ever wonder if your pup has any furry siblings? Only Embark offers a feature that enables pet parents to find their pupper’s relatives. We’ll tell you how much DNA your doggo shares with other Embark dogs and give you the ability to connect with any relatives! The Breed Identification Kit still offers Embark’s Relative Finder, which has been able to connect over 60 million relatives already! Be sure to check out our pup reunion blog posts.

dog relatives

Fur-ee Shipping 

For all of our furry friends in the continental U.S., we take care of the shipping for your Breed Identification Kit. All you have to do is activate, swab, and send. We’ll take care of the rest.


“For years now, the Embark platform has been the most scientifically advanced dog DNA test on the market. By releasing a more affordable breed focused product, we are making this technology available to more dog owners and increasing the data available to canine genetic researchers studying cancer, heart disease, hip dysplasia and other inherited disorders,” said Adam Boyko, Embark’s CSO and co-founder. 

Check out what one of our customers had to say about Embark:

“Embark delivers quality, accuracy, and unique features that simply don’t exist elsewhere in the dog DNA market. We were highly disappointed by competitors whose breed identification results were either inferior or completely inaccurate. Embark provided valuable and interesting information about our mixed breed dog that helped us understand some unique aspects of her behavior and physiology.” Darius K said, “We have been able to tailor her training and exercise regime much better to suit her needs now that we know she is composed primarily of working breeds. Sometimes a dog who is heavily exercised but still “unruly” (and) needs more mental stimulation or a “job” to do. Our dog found her passion in scent work and has been much happier since.”

Want to learn more about how the Relative Finder in our Breed Identification Kit has been able to connect furry family members? Check out our blog post on Jude and Lucy!

Have you tested out our new Breed Identification Kit yet? Order yours today!