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Embark Unveils New ‘Mix Match Buddies’ Feature

April 11, 2018

Hey Embarkers! Thanks for checking out our blog! Stop by often for dog-raising tips and tricks, fun stories about dogs that will give you all the feels, easy to read posts that explain the science behind our dog DNA tests, and so much more! Today, we’re excited to announce some Embark news!

Mix Match Buddies

We’re happy to unveil a new upgrade to the Embark experience called Mix Match Buddies! This new feature allows you to find out how closely your furry friend’s breed mix matches other dogs in our database. After we receive your test and analyze your dog’s DNA, our system will consider all of the breeds in all of the dogs we’ve tested and then calculate an overall Match Score. We will use that score to match your dog with others!

As shown in the above photo, we will display a photo of the dog along with the match score, so you know just how alike the doggos are. If you’d like to know more about your dog’s Mix Match Buddies, simply click on the pup’s photo and it will reveal his or her results. Maybe they could even be furry friends!

We hope this will bring our Embark community even closer than it already is! We love all of our Embark dogs and enjoy sharing this fun journey with you! Further, we hope you enjoy the ride as much as we do.

Ready to buy your Embark dog DNA test kit? For a limited time, click here and use the code MIXMATCH20 for $20 off a kit! And don’t forget to connect with us on social media! You can find us at @embarkvet on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! We love to see photos of your dogs and their results. Thanks for Embarking with us!