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Everything You’ll Need For Your New Puppy


embark happy collie

Before you bring your new puppy home, be sure to check out this guide! We want you and your pup to be comfortable and safe as you start your life together, so we’ve compiled a list of all the necessary supplies. From a safe and adjustable harness to the perfect pup shampoo, we’ve got you covered.


embark dog leash coral
This classic, solid-colored collar is durable and easy to adjust. It’s perfect for your puppy’s first one; it’s not too heavy or complex. They offer a wide selection of colors so you can choose the right one for your pup! Don’t forget to adjust your pup’s collar as they grow.

Positive review:

I bought this for my Akita mix when she was a little puppy. Now she is a big puppy at seven months. This collar has impressed me by not only being adorable, but keeping a pretty large and strong puppy secure on a leash without snapping off. Even when she has lunged at birds or squirrels while she is on a leash, this collar has kept my puppy secure. Plus, it’s bright and visible! L. H


embark dog harness

A no-pull harness is great for dogs that are still learning to walk on a leash.  In addition, it’s non-chafing and perfect for everything from running and hiking to short strolls around the block.

Positive review:

I’ve been looking for a harness that’s highly adjustable around chest and neck so it won’t feel too tight during walking, and this one works great and it’s also actually much more lightweight than it looks. I like this harness and its quality is on the top of the list for this price range. Jack Zhao


embark dog leash rope
This durable and patterned leash is made of mountain climbing rope! Furthermore, it’s functional, comfortable, and offers a nice grip, helping you keep your pup close and secure.

Positive review:

These leashes are very well made and are very comfortable for both dog and owner. I have switched from the flexible leashes for more control and these leashes are the perfect solution. I walk two energetic cocker spaniel daily and the switch for them was seamless. The leashes are lightweight but very substantial and strong. The hand loop is a good size and is very comfortable. The leather pieces where the hand loop joins the leash and clip joins the leash are perfect additions for strength and durability. I have recommended these leashes to friends. Martha A. Ritz

ID tag

embark dog ID tag
This stylish and lightweight ID tag allows you to choose up to four lines of personalized text so your pup can be identified wherever they are, especially when they’re at the vet or meeting new people on their daily strolls around the neighborhood.

Positive review:

This is the second time I have ordered an ID Tag from GoTags. My cat somehow slips his collar off and loses the collar and tags! So this time I ordered two and I will be ready for him next time he comes home without his collar. I really like these tags. Sturdy and well-made. The engraving is deep and dark – easy to read. I will definitely buy again if he loses the two I just got! Patricia J. Tennies

Food and water bowls

embark dog bowls

Both of these bowls are attached to a non-slip surface so your puppy’s voracious appetite won’t cause their meals to spill! Made with quality stainless steel,
these bowls are dishwasher safe and built to last.

Positive review:

These bowls are a perfect size for my maltipoo. The silicone “placemat” they fit into nicely catches dropped pieces of food. I am VERY satisfied with this product. Grace L. Brandt

Dog bed

embark dog bed
This memory-foam dog bed will keep your pooch cozy for years to come. The bottom is lined to prevent slipping, the cover is washable, and raised sides offer superior comfort so your pup can sleep like royalty!

Positive review:

Super comfy, our puppy sleeps all through the night! The bottom piece and the side tubing each have separate zippered compartments so you can easily remove them and toss the bed in the washer. We put ours in the sunshine after washing, laid flat on the patio and it dried in about an hour. The sides and floor went right back in with no problems. If you want your pupper to be as comfy as you are for sleeping, get this bed! Danny Hetzler


Don’t forget an Embark Dog DNA test for your new puppy. Embark tests for over 250 breeds and more than 170 health conditions, making it a great addition to your pup’s wellness plan. We might even be able to help you locate their relatives with our Doggy DNA Relative Finder.

Positive review:

We rescued “Juno” and purchased the Embark DNA dog test to understand any possible health problems she might have in the future and also to see what dog breeds she was comprised of. We are so impressed with the results and communication of this company. A simple swab with the enclosed tool yielded a wealth of information that can now be passed along to Juno’s vet. Thankfully she came up as “clear” for all the cancers, conditions and numerous other things they test for. This even includes possible drug sensitivities in case the need arises! I’m telling you, these people are thorough! Also, Juno turned out to have none of the breeds in her that we thought! We assumed Scottie and Mini Schnauzer. Well, she’s actually mostly poodle and rat terrier! L. Brown


embark puppy toys

When bringing a new puppy home, you’ll want to have plenty of durable toys for them to chew on. This pack of eight will keep your pup occupied and give them something to bite into so they are more likely to avoid your hands with those sharp puppy teeth! As an added bonus, these toys are designed in colors your dog will see clearly. For safety reasons, be sure to keep an eye on them while their toys are out!

Positive review:

I’ve bought tons of toys for my boxer puppy; as you might have for your dog as well. I was pleased to see that my pup was highly entertained by my bundle of toys; oh ya! I liked that this came in a set of toys and made it easy for me to pick…all I had to do was one click and I got 8 toys in their own storage bag. Ironically the toy I thought he would like the least has been the highest value toy of the bunch!?? The squeaky! I originally was getting this for the rope combination since my puppy is in the chewing stage and the squeaky being the new high value toy has made it easier to train/ transition him to the proper chew toys. ELutz

Nail clippers

embark dog nail clippers

Trimming puppy nails can be daunting, but these nail clippers make it a little easier. These clippers are designed for comfort while grooming your pup at home. Made with easy grip ergonomic handles, the overall design will help keep you from trimming their nails too short!

Positive review:

I use these on a German Shepherd and Border Collie. It works on both of them with little struggle. As they are getting more confident I’m not going to hurt them. It is getting easier and easier to use them. I have found using it more often and taking off less of the nail tip has been working vs trying to cut them down. The guard has really helped give confidence that I won’t over cut by accident, especially on the German Shepherd, I do have to be more cautious with the Border Collie with over cutting but the guard avoids any major over cut. amtib00

Dog crate

embark dog crate

Crates provide a safe place for puppies to stay when owners are away. It also stops them from engaging in destructive behaviors around the home. This crate is a safe and secure little spot for your new puppy to hang out while you’re away. It has a single door and can be folded for additional space when not in use. Varying sizes make it easier to find the crate that will fit your puppy perfectly.

Positive review:

I’ve had this kennel for over a year, and it has been the perfect addition for our family. It is heavy duty, and very easy to put together. I love that the bottom of the kennel slides in and out in case of accidents. It is easy to pull out and clean without making a super large mess, or having the uncomfortable cleaning process. I also love that it has the option to latch on either the short end, or the long end with double latches. My puppy has quickly filled the 36″ kennel that we ordered, so I am now looking at ordering the 48″ kennel. I would highly recommend this product to other buyers! Melissa Deible


embark dog brush

This handy brush will help remove excess hair from your pup’s topcoat and undercoat without damaging their delicate skin. Perfect for seasonal shedding, the Furminator is comfortable and easy to use.

Positive review:

Not sure if it’s normal or not but my French bulldog and Chihuahua mutts both sheds a lot! I always thought furminator was for long hair dogs but I saw a review for a bulldog so I figure I’ll give it a try and I’m thoroughly amazed. This thing not only catches a lot of hair it even gets his dandruff. Plus side is that they like to be brushed. Win-win for me, only wish I bought this earlier.E. Lee

Gentle puppy shampoo

embark dog shampooembark dog shampoo back

This natural shampoo is free of sulfates, colorants, and parabens so it’s gentle on puppy skin! Additionally, it’s a safe and effective alternative to harsh chemicals found in some doggie shampoos so you can feel better knowing your new family member is clean and feels good without budging on quality and safety.

Positive review:

This puppy shampoo smells fantastic and results in a beautifully soft coat. My pup’s coat is naturally pretty shiny, but she looks a bit more polished and pretty after I bathe her with this. It seems easy on her skin, too, which I appreciate. She’d had some issues with dandruff earlier in the winter, but this didn’t cause any problems with dry or itchy skin for my pup. SrhW

For more new puppy supply suggestions, check out our Pinterest board!

Are you interested in learning even more about your new puppy? We are here to help! Purchase your Embark Dog DNA Test today.

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