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A chihuahua dog looking directly at the camera

Holiday Gift Guide for Your Pup

November 21, 2018

Happy Holidays! We hope you’re enjoying the season. While you’re out there shopping for your family and friends, don’t forget those of the four-legged variety! Dogs are integral parts of our lives, so we thought it was important to put together a list of gifts your pup may want or need this holiday season!

Here at Embark, we are all dog lovers! We asked some members of our staff to submit their favorite dog toy or accessory to share with you. We even had our team of veterinary geneticists weigh in on each item. Enjoy!

CEO Ryan Boyko & Harley

Gift: Kong Flyer for Dogs

embark gift guide 1

Why he loves it: Harley chewed through every kind of frisbee and ball we gave her in minutes until we found the Kong Rubber Flyer. Now she plays 20 minutes of frisbee every morning and we haven’t had to replace it in over six months. The best value dog toy I’ve ever purchased!

What our vets had to say: Toys that encourage physical activity are great to help keep dogs at an ideal weight and mentally stimulated. Ones made to withstand even the toughest chewer minimize the risk of injury to the mouth or ingestion of pieces of the toy.

VP of Marketing Doug Reffue & Layla

Gift: IRIS Airtight Food Storage Container

embark gift guide 2

Why he loves it: We love this food bin on wheels. We order our dog food online in bulk and then empty it into this bin so that it’s easy to scoop Layla’s food into her bowl every day with no mess and no big bulk dog food bags lying around. Great for kids who are feeding the dog and keeps the food fresh.

What our vets had to say: Airtight food containers keep the pests out and food fresher longer. The large lid allows you to easily clean the container between refills and use a measuring cup to feed your dog the proper amount.

Gift: DOGMOM Love Portable Dog Paw Cleaner

embark gift guide 3

Why he loves it: We like to clean Layla’s paws after a run in the mud or dirt with this paw cleaner.  It’s washable and easy to use.  Keeps the couches and chairs clean!

What our vets had to say: Keeping a dog’s feet clean not only minimizes the mess in the house, but it also helps you keep an eye on your dog’s paw health!  Regular cleaning helps you visualize any painful thorns or burrs that might be stuck after playtime.

Bioinformatics Scientist Andrea Slavney & Darwin

Gift: Amaze-A-Ball

embark gift guide 4

Why she loves it: It’s got enough weight to it that it’s perfect for catch, and you can put treats or kibble inside it (it has a sort of maze-like structure on the inside) for your dog to try to get out by rolling the ball around. It’s pretty sturdy, too, if your dog likes to chew.

What our vets had to say: Not only does this toy encourage play time, but it challenges your dog’s mind to get the treats out. Mental and physical health are important to keep dogs happy! This is especially useful for your extra bright dogs who aren’t satisfied just snoozing on the rug until you get home, but often devise other fun things to get into.

Accountant Darya Salomatina & Guinness

Gift: Blazin’ Safety Dog Leash

embark gift guide 5

Why she loves it: It’s a glowing collar and leash! You won’t lose your pups at night, no matter how sneaky they are, and you will immediately see your leash in the dark if you happen to drop it on the ground! Never mind that it makes your pup easy to spot for other people, especially drivers. 

What our vets had to say: Lighted leashes help keep you and your dog safe during low visibility times. Plus, they look really cool!

Web Experience Designer Abe Kane & Chance

Gift: Kong Classic

embark gift guide 6

Why she loves it: Growing up with Rottweilers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Kong was the only brand of toys they wouldn’t immediately destroy- it’s durable and fun!

What our vets had to say: This Kong is great because you can fill it with frozen canned food or peanut butter, keeping your pet occupied for hours! Kongs are tough, but are not generally overly hard on your dog’s teeth. Check with your vet, though, if your dog has had previous dental issues.

Research Scientist Meghan Jensen & Zuko & Bruin

Gift: StarMark Bob-a-lot interactive dog toy

embark gift guide 7

Why she loves itI think it’s important to exercise your dog’s brain, as much as you exercise their body. This toy is highly engaging for food-motivated dogs as it provides a great deal of mental stimulation by requiring some basic problem-solving skills. It’s also good entertainment for your dog while they are home alone. There are two adjustable holes that allow you to vary not only the kinds of treats you use but also the difficulty level for your dog to successfully get treats, meaning that a wide variety of dogs can enjoy this toy! 

What our vets had to say This toy is good to mentally stimulate dogs and encourage them to eat slowly.

Senior Data Engineer Stephen Fromm & Rosabelle

Gift: PetSafe Easy Walk Harness

embark gift guide 8

Why he loves it: It was a really great way to train our dog to walk!

What our vets had to say: Front-clip harnesses are great because they offer you more control when walking and minimize strain on a dog’s neck and windpipe. Note that harnesses that clip in the back are also easy on your dog’s neck, but often make it easier for your dog to pull on the leash and might not be a good option for everyone!

We hope these gifts and recommendations are helpful when purchasing a present for your pup! And don’t forget about our dog DNA test that made Oprah’s Favorite Things list this year. Click here to order the gift that will help you get to know your dog better than ever before. Happiest of holidays to you!