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How to Spoil Your Furry Friend



Looking for an excuse to treat your pupper like royalty? Search no further — International Dog Day is just around the corner! Not only is this a chance to make lifelong memories with your furry friend, but you can also show them how much you care. In this post, we’ve planned the perfect day for you to pamper your pup.

Grab your running shoes

Nothing like some sunshine with your best friend! Staying active with your pup is the best way to show them that you care (and maybe burn off that extra kibble). Whether it’s going on a rigorous hike or sticking to a leisurely walk on the running path, you and your doggo can start the day off right by catching some rays and breaking a sweat.


Save room for dessert

Best way to recover from a workout? Ice cream, of course! Show your pup how much you love them with their favorite doggie dessert. Pup-friendly ice cream can be found all over, nowadays. So while you sit back with your creamy pint, your four-legged friend can help themselves to some sweets of their own.

Pamper your furry friend

Your doggo calls for a celebration so might as well look the part! What better way to feel your best than to look your best? Be sure to brush out your pup’s coat with a de-shedding tool or a bristle pet brush. Your pupper will look so good, they’ll want to show off. Take lots of pictures to capture your fancy pup on their big day. For advice on how to best capture their good looks, check out our blog post on how to get the best photos of your doggo.


Snag another squeaky toy

A squeaky house is a happy house. In order to spoil your pup, grab some extra toys and gift them to your furry friend. Not only will they have the time of their lives making their new toys squeak, but you’ll get a laugh watching how excited they are. 


Head to Instagram

What better way to spend International Dog Day than looking at some paw-mazing pupper Instagrams? If you’re looking for your fur fix then be sure to check out some doggie accounts (we won’t call it cheating if you don’t!).

Embark your doggo

If you want to spoil your dog, you should know your dog. The best way to know your furry friend better is by knowing exactly who they are! Getting your pup tested with Embark not only tells you how to better care for your dog by informing you of genetic health conditions that they are predisposed to, but Embark also gives you the opportunity to know exactly where your pupper came from before they became such an important part of your family. 

Looking for inspiration on how to spoil your furry friend this International Dog Day? Check out our blog post on the most outrageous doggie homes (your pup can thank us later).

Has your pup been Embarked yet? Order yours today, and be sure to like us on Facebook for even more ideas for how to celebrate your furry friend!

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