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Mutt Madness Dog Adoption Stories

March 27, 2020

Jason may have won The Companionship, but Mutt Madness isn’t over until each dog finds their home. 5 out of 16 Mutts have been adopted so far. Will you help the next one?

Kukui’s adoption story

Kukui was adopted by Tim and Lauren in Rockpurt, Massachussetts. He’s adjusting well to his new home after the long drive from Colorado. His new owners say he’s slowly building trust in his new home, each day relaxing a little bit more than the day before. He’s still a little wary around strangers and goes on some hunger strikes, but he’s comfortable eating and drinking at his own leisure. True to his player card description, Kukui is a total snuggle bug with his new owners. 

When they learned Kukui’s breed results, Tim and Lauren were excited to see German Shepherd Dog and Siberian Husky because of their traits of loyalty and intelligence. “He will definitely be a companion that we share our lives with.” They’re so happy to have him and are excited for Kukui to come into his own in his new home.

kukui adopted mutt madness


The following dogs have also been adopted since Mutt Madness began. Stay tuned for their adoption stories.

lego mutt madness adopted

fiona mutt madness adopted

cola mutt madness adopted

spanky adopted mutt madness


Still looking for home

These Mutts are still available for adoption. Please share and spread the word to help them find their new families.


The Mutt Madness Champ

jason the dog mutt madness

Adopt Jason


max the dog mutt madness

Adopt Max


william the dog mutt madness

Foster William


hamilton and gus the dogs the dog mutt madness

Adopt Hamilton & Gus


banjo the dog mutt madness

Adopt Banjo


cherokee the dog mutt madness

Adopt Cherokee


chevy the dog mutt madness

Adopt Chevy


max the dog mutt madness

Adopt Buddy


icee the dog mutt madness

Adopt Icee


maze the dog mutt madness

Adopt Maze


riki the dog mutt madness

Adopt Riki