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Hey there Embarkers!

What are your food plans for the Super Bowl? Chicken wings? Chips and dip? Dog treats? Regardless, don’t forget to take a break from the big game and tune into Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl XIII to watch some puppies tumble for toys!

This year, unlike any other, you’ll be getting a little more information on what could give Team Ruff or Team Fluff an edge: That’s right, Embark was on site at Puppy Bowl XIII, testing every single Puppy Bowler. So keep an eye out for some familiar faces! Representing Embark were myself, our CEO Ryan, our CTO Matt, and our sales guru Alli. To give you an idea of our day, this was our checklist:

Swab 80 puppies, check.

Receive compulsory puppy snuggles, check check.

Observe puppy football acumen (“Gimme the ball! Woof!”), x1000 check.

Truly, this was a heroic(ally cheerful) effort on our end. And it was worth it. For the first time in Puppy Bowl history, we’ve provided the coaches for Fluff and Ruff with each player’s stats, including the most accurate breed, ancestry, trait, and health info possible.


So, now that we know what the Puppy Bowl players bring to the field genetically, where are we placing our bets? Ryan and Matt favor Team Ruff, whereas Chief Science Officer Adam and I think Team Fluff has the edge (trust us, we’re scientists!). See where the rest of the Embark team has placed their bets, below!

Puppy Bowl Embark Team Predictions

Who do you think will pull ahead? Check out the starting lineup here and fill out our poll below!


Who will win Puppy Bowl XIII?
This poll has ended at 6/2/2017, 11:30:00 AM

Aside from all the wonderful puppy touchdowns, tumbles, field goals, and fur storms, the Puppy Bowl scores a few additional points: While the vast majority of Puppy Bowl players were mixed-breed dogs, they all now have incredibly detailed breed and health information that their new families and veterinarians can use to keep them healthy. And while we can’t predict which pup is going to score the winning touchdown, we can give their new families valuable genetic insights to give them a leg up on a long and healthy life.

Finally, remember that looking at pictures of cute animals has been shown to improve your own powers of concentration and work performance—the secret to Embark’s success! So do yourself a favor: Take a minute to tune in this Sunday, February 5th, at 3 PM ET/12 PM PT, to Animal Planet for some lightning plays and lovable pups!

See you on the playing field,

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