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Mutt Madness: Meet The Fluffy Four


mutt madness fluffy four

As March nears its end, so does Mutt Madness. We’re officially in the semifinals, which means we have The Fluffy Four. We also have all of their DNA results to share. Here are in-depth profiles for each dog along with their breed mixes to help you decide who to advance to The Companionship. Whoever wins will earn a $1,000 donation for their shelter.

Voting for Mutt Madness has finished. Thank you to everyone who participated, and congratulations to Jason!

#03: Jason “The Goof Ball”

Happily Ever After Sanctuary, Wisconsin

jason breed results mutt madness

With his floppy ears and playful spirit, Jason is the perfect dog for a home that can match his energy level. This sensitive pup is looking for a patient, loving adopter who will help him be comfortable in new situations. Give him time to adjust to new people and things and he’ll reward you with endless love and affection. If you like to be active, Jason is your guy. Running, hiking, fetching; you name it, Jason loves it. Jason’s exuberant personality would do especially well in a home with adults and teens.

His results

  • Jason’s high energy most likely comes from his Border Collie and Australian Cattle Dog genes. Both these breeds belong to the Herding Group, so they have a natural instinct to run at fast speeds to gather livestock.
  • Jason has plenty of love to go along with his energy. His penchant for affection could come from the American Pit Bull Terrier, German Shepherd Dog, and American Staffordshire Terrier. All of these breeds are known to be love bugs with their human companions. His reluctance around strangers could be a trait traced back to German Shepherds, though, since they are reliable guard dogs.

#09: Max “The Partner For Life”

Richmond SPCA, Virginia

max breed results mutt madness

There was no next of kin to care for Max when his guardian passed away. The abrupt transition was distressing for him. He’s a loyal dog who bonds strongly to one person. The staff and volunteers at the Richmond SPCA have helped him adjust to life in the shelter and have given him many breaks in foster care. They will help his new guardian with the next transition to home life. Max prefers men to women and will thrive in a calm, quiet, adult-only home.

Although Max is typically low-key, he’s always excited to go for an outing with running buddies, though for him it’s usually a leisurely stroll punctuated by rolls in the grass. Max knows plenty of commands and will gladly show them off for a treat.

His results

  • You wouldn’t be blamed for assuming Max was mostly Labrador Retriever. His ears are a giveaway for the American Pit Bull Terrier predominance, though. Rose ears (basically ears that are halfway between pointy and floppy) are seen in American Pit Bulls, amongst many other breeds, but not Labs.

#10: Cola “The Adventurer”

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, California

cola breed results mutt madness

Cola has the personality of an IT support guy. He is helpful and friendly and would never fault you for making a mistake. He is a loveable pup who would love to walk on the beach and jump in the ocean. He is also happy to sit at your feet and help you calm down when you are feeling low or frustrated. Cola was born to be helpful. He would make a wonderful addition to any home.

His results

#12: William “The Good Egg”

Rescue Road, Arkansas

william breed results mutt madness

William persevered through ringworm treatment and he’s now a happy, healthy pup.  Despite having spent most of his life in a shelter, he is a very sweet boy with all the energy of a puppy.  He adores attention from humans but also needs a little reassurance since everything is so new to him. He’s looking for a foster home right now to help him transition into a forever home. William looks forward to the day he gets to leave the shelter with a loving family and start his brand new life.

His results

  • William clocks in around 25 pounds now, but his breed results show he has the potential to grow much larger. The Mastiff, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Chow Chow are all larger breeds that can weigh between 50 and 100 pounds when fully grown.

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Kevin is the copywriter at Embark Vet.

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