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What do puppy buyers look for in a breeder?


What do puppy buyers look for in a breeder?

You’re committed to being a responsible breeder: Your dog’s health and vitality are your highest priorities. But how do you assure potential puppy buyers that they can have complete confidence in their purchase? 

According to the AKC’s “Tips for Finding and Working With a Responsible Breeder” transparency, genetic insight and documentation are the keys to providing peace of mind.

“Get a full medical history. Reputable breeders will be happy to show proof of health screenings such as OFA and CERF certificates. They will also explain any health conditions that typically affect that particular breed so you know what to watch out for in the long term.” — American Kennel Club

Reassure buyers with an Embark DNA test

As the world’s most comprehensive dog DNA testing service, Embark provides breeders with all the testing, breeder tools and information they need to manage the genetic health of their dogs—and reassure prospective puppy buyers. But don’t just take it from us: Hear how other breeders were able to leverage Embark tests to build their breeding programs.

Make the right match

“I Embark tested the sire/dam of my current litter because it was a closer  breeding than I’ve done and I really wanted every assurance that every box was checked from science, as well as my 25 years of breeding experience. I’ll be testing the offspring as well so we can get a better understanding of the genetic makeup of the puppies and will use that to aid in decisions about which puppies go to which homes.”    –Laura Reeves, host of Pure Dog Talk     

Complement OFA testing    

“I use Embark in combination with OFA for my French Bulldogs (show AKC Standard-no fad). It helps me tremendously in making sure the dogs are healthy. Not only for me, but also my puppy buyers!”  –Anonymous

Simplify the process

“We love how easy it is to navigate and how simple everything is worded. Embark gives us confidence in our shepherds and strengthens our program and message for our buyers.” –Katie W.


Improve breed health

“Responsible purebred dog breeders hold the future of each breed. Your tools further help our efforts and together we can make sure only the healthiest dogs are produced for future generations.” –Andrea Murphy

Enhance your breeding program—and your business

Optimize transparency in your breeding program. Learn more about why responsible breeders choose Embark. Then explore how our Breeder Package or Litter Package can provide ultimate peace of mind—to you and your buyers.

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