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UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory Pausing New Clients

The UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory is pausing new clients until at least October 15, 2021. This leaves many dog breeders who may be new to genetics and wanting comprehensive DNA testing unable to use UC Davis VGL, known as a pioneer in genetics since the 1950s. In the meantime, let the Embark for Breeders DNA Kit, the most accurate DNA test on the market,  help you make breeding decisions with its one check swab, one all-inclusive DNA test. 

Embark’s innovative testing platform is a customized SNP Microarray developed in partnership with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine using the latest research-grade canine genotyping platform. This platform enables the hundreds of genetic health and traits test results provided in Embark’s products, while also creating research-ready data for use by canine health organizations and scientists. Embark is on the cutting edge of genetic research and just this year discovered the roan gene as well as the red intensity gene. Here’s an overview of what the Embark for Breeders DNA Kit offers: 

Health Conditions 

  • Test for genetic health conditions relevant to your breed, clinical tools, and 200+ genetic mutations associated with disease in other breeds.

Coat Color and Body Traits

  • Reports on classic coat loci, including coat color, length, texture, shedding, and more.

Coefficient of Inbreeding 

  • Track the coefficient of inbreeding (COI) of breeding dogs. COI is the most accurate method for measuring inbreeding. Learn how COI can inform on long term breeding success.

Breeder Tools and Services

  • Evaluate potential mating dogs based on genetic health condition status, traits, and predicted average litter COI. Enjoy complimentary genetic counseling services and more.

Embark is the only lab that offers your dog’s raw data available as a download to share with breed clubs and other research organizations. 

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