Become a brand ambassador

Embark’s Brand Ambassador Program is for dog people — pup parents, adopters, rescue volunteers, trainers, walkers, medical professionals — who are excited to spread the word about Embark to their own community, both in-person and on social media.
We’re looking for individuals who have loved their experience with our products and want to help more people learn all about their dogs through Embark.
Ambassadors enjoy some awesome perks, including opportunities to be featured in Embark’s content and to win free products from Embark and other pet brands.

an affiliate

As an affiliate of Embark, you will earn up to 10% commission off any kit sales you drive with your unique affiliate link. With our program, we’ll provide you with creative assets and a unique affiliate link with a 30 day cookie. Our affiliates include influencers and bloggers, vloggers, review sites, and more. Come Embark with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which program is right for me?

Anyone can apply to both programs! We recommend our affiliate program for people who have an audience online who would be interested in purchasing Embark’s products. We recommend the brand ambassador program for anyone who is passionate about Embark and wants to help spread the word about our products and mission. We have many affiliates who are also brand ambassadors.

Do you need to be an Embark customer to apply?

Brand ambassadors must be Embark customers, who have personally gone through the product experience with their dog. It is not necessary for affiliates to have used the product personally.

How do you earn rewards?

As an affiliate, you will earn a commission (up to 10%) of each kit sale made through your unique affiliate link. As an ambassador you can earn Amazon rewards for referral sales. You will also have a chance to win monthly rewards (Amazon or Chewy gift cards). Posting about Embark on social media increases your chances of winning the rewards. If you are both an affiliate and an ambassador for Embark, you may only collect commissions for sales, not Amazon rewards for referrals." Remove last sentence. This is only for ambassadors who do not have their own affiliate link.

Is there a minimum follower requirement?

We are looking for ambassadors and affiliates who have an active online presence and public profiles on social media. There is no minimum number of social media followers required, but your followers should be loyal and engaged.