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Screen adult dogs and puppies for breed-relevant genetic health risks, traits, and diversity with the Embark for Breeders DNA Test kit.

Special pricing to test entire litters. Includes all benefits of the Embark for Breeders standard kits, with discounts for larger quantities.

Assess prospective breeding outcomes for a male/female pair or evaluate two males/females. Includes standard kits + consultation.

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Decode genetic health risks, physical traits, and diversity.

Plan for coat color, type, and other traits in your puppies.

Health Conditions

Test for genetic health conditions relevant to your breed, clinical tools, and 210+ genetic variants associated with disease in other breeds. Learn more

Genetic Coefficient of Inbreeding

Track the coefficient of inbreeding (COI) of breeding dogs. COI is the most accurate method for measuring inbreeding. Learn how COI can inform on long term breeding success. Learn more

Coat and Body Traits

Reports on classic coat loci, including coat color, length, texture, shedding, and more. Learn more

Breeder Tools & Services

Evaluate potential mating dogs based on genetic health condition status, traits, and predicted average litter COI. Enjoy complimentary genetic counseling services and more. Learn more

Results you can trust

Embark is the only dog DNA testing company using a research-grade platform that analyzes 200,000+ markers evenly spaced across the genome, representing over twice as much genetic data than other providers.

  • Tests validated against samples from known carriers and at-risk dogs
  • Mutations are queried multiple times for robust quality assurance
  • Expertly trained veterinary geneticists on-staff to help interpret results
  • Stringent quality control ensures over 99.99% accuracy for mutation tests and 99% for most linkage-based tests

Meet our scientists

Questions about your results, or want to learn more about the genetic science behind our DNA kit? Embark has expert canine geneticists on-staff to help answer your questions and make genetic discoveries to help us reach our mission of ending preventable disease in dogs.

embark is a research partner of cornell university college of veterinary medicine
Adam Boyko, PhD

Chief Science Officer

Aaron Sams, PhD

Senior Scientist


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Embark for Breeders Dog DNA Test with three white purebred puppies

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