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Advanced DNA Testing
for Breeders

Manage the health, traits, and diversity of purebred dogs.

Embark for Breeders
Embark for Breeders

Results You Can Trust

Embark is the only dog DNA testing company using a research-grade platform that analyzes 200,000+ markers evenly spaced across the genome, representing over twice as much genetic data than other providers.

  • Tests validated against samples from known carriers and at-risk dogs
  • Mutations are queried multiple times for robust quality assurance
  • Expertly trained veterinary geneticists on-staff to help interpret results
  • Stringent quality control ensures over 99.99% accuracy for mutation tests and 99% for most linkage-based tests

Meet Our Scientists

Questions about your results, or want to learn more about the genetic science behind our DNA kit? Embark has expert canine geneticists on-staff to help answer your questions and make genetic discoveries to help us reach our mission of ending preventable disease in dogs.

Adam Boyko Founder & Chief Science Officer

Adam Boyko, PhD, Chief Science Officer

Aaron Sams Senior Scientist

Aaron Sams, PhD, Senior Scientist

  • embark belgian tervuren partnership
    Armed with more complete genetic information and transparency, breeders can share information earlier, and if necessary, mitigate the effects and spread of previously unidentified deleterious genes.
    Peri Norman, Breeder of Merit, AKC Judge
  • embark labrador retriever partnership
    As a breeder, Embark makes genetic testing way easier. All tests are combined within one swab at an amazing price.
    Tiffany Hairston, Labrador Retrievers
  • Embark paint river llewellin setter partnership
    The wealth of knowledge received in the test results is not the only plus with Embark! Their staff has incredible customer service! You have one question or 50 their staff will walk you through every step of the way.
    Kyle Warren, Paint River Llewellins
  • Embark sport dog partnership
    Embark has made the genetics side of my goal so much more simple by testing for such a large amount of diseases, traits, and more at a very reasonable price. I appreciate especially that it describes in simple detail what their genes mean when you get your dog’s results. This has been very useful for both myself and for future puppy homes when they want to look up the results their puppy or their puppy’s parents have.
    Amanda Jo Cantwell, Sport Dog breeder


One cheek swab provides access to all genetic tests and advanced features at Embark for Breeders.

1 Kit = $179 per kit. 

2-10 Kits = $169 per kit. (Save $10 per kit)

11-19 Kits = $159 per kit. (Save $20 per kit)

20+ Kits = $149 per kit. (Save $30 per kit)

These quantity-based discounts cannot be combined with any other offer.

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