What kind of dog is he? Answer with confidence.

Get to know your dog. Your dog has a mom, dad, and grandparents, just like you. Not only will you learn your pup’s genetic ancestry, but you’ll also discover the breeds that make up your dog, where his or her ancestors came from, and even get a wolfiness score!

Knowing your dog’s breeds can help with training, exercise and nutrition plans, and veterinary care.
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4 in 10 dogs suffer from inherited diseases.

With Embark’s health tests, you can play fetch longer.
Not just a breed test, only Embark examines your dog’s DNA to screen for over 160 genetic diseases. Discovering health disorders early will help you and your vet plan for preventative and proactive care.

Many conditions such as glaucoma, heart disease, and spinal cord disease occur later in life. By knowing what to look for, you can get treatment started as early as possible.

Every dog tested also helps us find new disease risks and cures, which we share with you as we discover them.
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Your dog deserves the best. You deserve peace of mind.

Take the guesswork out of caring for your dog. Comprehensive screening for over 160 health disorders, and precise and accurate breed identification and ancestry — Embark is the most powerful dog DNA test available.
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