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With Embark, find out what your MVP is made of.

As trusted by this year’s puppy athletes, Embark provides the most accurate and comprehensive dog DNA test available.


Retriever? Or Wide receiver?

- Identify what breeds are in your MVP
- Most accurate breed identification available
- 100x more genetic information than any other test


Keep your MVP healthy and fit

- Find out if your pup is predisposed to any health conditions
- Over 160 health tests included
- Vet report included to share your dog’s information with your veterinarian


Any canine superstar traits?

- Your dog’s ideal adult weight based on our genetic weight algorithm
- Genetic age
- Wolfiness Score
- Over 24 advanced trait tests included


Any distant wolf ancestors?

- Trace your dog’s ancestors back 15,000 years
- See dogs, famous and otherwise, in your dog’s Embark family of similar dogs

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