Dog wellness for the 21st Century

DNA tests are not just for fun anymore. Embark’s genetic reports could prolong your dog’s healthy life and save your family from unnecessary vet bills. Understand your dog better while helping advance science - together we’ll give your dog, and all dogs, longer, happier lives.

One cheek swab reveals health, traits, breed ancestry and more.

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He's Your Best Friend. Get to Know Him.

So Simple Even a Cat Can Do It

(No offense, cats)

Sample Saliva, Not Blood

No vet required. Collect a saliva sample from your dog using a simple cheek swab. It's really easy!

Activate and Mail in

Activate your kit online, then mail it back to us using the included prepaid return envelope.

Get Results

In a few weeks, your dog’s reports will be available. Piece of cake!

The world leader
in dog genetics

Embark scientists traveled the world to bring you a revolution in dog care.


Embark on a Journey of Discovery

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