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35 Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts That Still Seem Super Thoughtful

An Embark dog DNA test for the pup enthusiast who’s eager to learn about their pet’s mysterious ancestry. This kit screens for over 350 dog breeds, so they’ll *finally* get the answers they’re seeking. It also tests for over 230 health conditions to help pet owners stay aware of what keeps their K-9 safe! 

Pit Bull’s Genetic Mutation Wows Internet—’Rare Does Not Mean Impossible’

Adog with an intriguing genetic mutation has captured attention online. Sailor, an American pit bull terrier, who was rescued at seven years old, has garnered thousands of views online for his unusually long fur. “Have you ever seen a pit bull with long fur?” wrote the dog’s owner in a video with over 890,000 views on the account @sailorthepittie. 

Cornell University’s Richard P. Riney Canine Health Center receives a $10,000 donation

Embark Veterinary Inc. announced a donation of $10,000 to the Cornell Richard P. Riney Canine Health Center. The donation was made in the name of Buddy the Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen, the 147th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Best in Show winner. With this donation marks a total of $50,000 in canine research donations by Embark. 

Why Is There a Black Spot on My Dog’s Tongue?
When you have a dog with black spots on their tongue, people often assume it’s a chow chow mix. However, the real reason for black spots on dogs’ tongues comes down to melanin and genetics. Chows and similar breeds are known for having black spots or completely blue-black tongues, but actually any dog can have these markings.
Dog Waiting to Be Adopted for Over a Year Has Exciting Reunion with Sister Pup Thanks to DNA Test

Vardis the rescue dog discovered a surprise during his ongoing search for a forever home. According to Embark, Vardis arrived at Chicago animal rescue One Tail at a Time (OTAT) in September 2021 with a nasty case of pneumonia. The organization and his foster parent helped the pooch recover from his health issues. While waiting to find an adopter for Vardis, the dog’s foster parents decided to get an Embark DNA test for the pooch. The results revealed some interesting information about the canine. 

Going to see a man about a dog: canine DNA tests lead to family reunions

Vardis, a black dog with a blocky head and a friendly disposition, arrived at One Tail at a Time, a shelter in Chicago, in September 2021. Almost immediately, he got pneumonia. While he convalesced, he went to live with a foster family, who were curious about his background and decided to get his DNA tested through a service called Embark. Like 23andMe or Ancestry for humans, the service analyzes genetic samples to identify a dog’s breed, potential health issues, and possible family members. 

Shelter Dog Has The Sweetest Reaction To Finding His Long-Lost Sister

Meet Vardis — a 3-year-old rescue pup who’s bounced between shelters and foster homes for nearly half his life. Vardis spent most of his years alone, but all that changed recently when he saw someone he’d known since the day he was born — and remembered her face instantly. When Vardis arrived at One Tail At A Time (OTAT) in 2021, his rescuers didn’t know much about his past. 

Three dog siblings found, reunited by North Texas woman after nine years apart

As the administrator of Turtle Creek Veterinary Medical Center in Greenville, Jennifer Butler was looking through pictures of dogs available at the local shelter when she saw something shocking: her dog. “I audibly gasped,” Butler said. “There’s no way. And then, once I let everything calm down a little bit, I realized it wasn’t Benjamin, but it was a very, very similar looking dog that was at the shelter.” 

I Did a Doggy DNA Test on My Adopted Pup — and the Results Truly Surprised Me

Since adopting my dog Leo back in February, I had a few doubts, but bringing him home wasn’t one of them. I’ve had a dog at home for most of my life so I’m a well-seasoned pet parent, which caused me to notice some things right away. I knew he had to be older than the shelter estimated him to be. The size and strength of his teeth gave that away, and while the shelter had guessed that he could be a lab mix, I was fairly convinced he was part hound… 

Americans are testing their dogs’ DNA, with some remarkable results

Carnegie violet dog-fuller lives a happy life in Hollywood. She enjoys munching ice cubes and listening to Snoop Dogg. Life was not always so easy. Found as an injured stray in Santa Monica, she spent time in a rescue centre before being adopted by Gregg and Lindsay Fuller last year. They reckoned she was a French Bulldog mix. But a dna test revealed her to be more American Staffordshire Terrier (39%) than French Bulldog (24%), with significant Pomeranian genes (16%). “We were shocked,” admits Mr Fuller.

Rescue dog to reunite with puppies thanks to DNA test

When pet photographer Holly Blair adopted her rescue dog two years ago, she wasn’t provided much information about her breed, how much growing she had left to do or what to expect in terms of demeanor and behaviour. She was initially to foster the dog, sent to Toronto from Winnipeg via K9 Advocates Manitoba in partnership with Fetch and Releash in the Greater Toronto Area. But when Holly met her foster dog Dolly… 

Embark for Veterinarians canine genetic screening test now available

“Veterinarians have always been the ultimate authority for turning genetic screening results into actionable care plans that improve the health and welfare of their patients,” said Adam Boyko, PhD, Embark Chief Science Officer, in a company release. 

Embark Discovers Breed-Specific Mutation Using Genetic Testing Data

Embark Veterinary, Inc., a global leader in dog genetics, recently announced that it has made the first-ever canine health discovery using commercial testing genetic data. Embark scientists determined that a genetic mutation in the EPS8L2 gene is associated with early-onset adult deafness (EOAD) in Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

This Next Billion Dollar DNA Company Will Test Your Dog For A Healthier Life

A dog lover who studied computer science and biology at Harvard, Ryan Boyko, 33, is the co-founder and CEO of Embark, a Boston-based company that tests dog DNA. He launched the company two years ago with his older brother Adam, a Cornell University genetics professor who specializes in canines.

Recessive gene linked to breed-specific hearing loss
A 2021 study of 185 Rhodesian Ridgebacks by researchers at Embark Veterinary, a canine genomics and biotechnology company, identified a recessive mutation linked to EOAD in the breed. EOAD can cause dogs to lose their hearing by the time they’re 1-2 years old, and some purebred Rhodesian Ridgebacks lose their hearing when they’re as young as 4 months old.
SoftBank-backed Embark Veterinary valued at $700M after $75M Series B

The Boston-based dog genetics company raised $75 million in Series B funding in what the company is calling “the biggest Series B for a pet startup to date.” SoftBank Vision Fund 2 was the lead investor and was joined by existing investors F-Prime Capital, SV Angel, Slow Ventures, Freestyle Capital and Third Kind Venture Capital. 

The First Annual Cosmo Pet Awards

All the things your floof wants, needs, and can’t go another day without, as tested and curated by our team of obsessive pet parents/intrepid editors who will stop at nothing to bring you – and your spoiled dogs and cats – the very best. With Embark, not only do you get a lot more data and info on your dog than with other kits, but they also actually have everything written out and explained in easy-to-understand layperson speak.

Baystate Business: Embark CEO (Radio)

The dog version of 23andMe just closed a 75 million Series B from Softbank. Embark Veterinary can reveal a dog’s breed and also their health problems by swabbing their DNA. Janet Wu sits down with Embark CEO Ryan Boyko to talk about the future of the company. 

At Embark Veterinary, pandemic pet spending sent doggie DNA test sales soaring

One might think sales of the Boston company’s $199 dog DNA testing kit might at least slow down a bit as a result of the economic carnage from the pandemic. But rather, Embark’s revenue kept rising last year, more than doubling from the 2019 total.

I Discovered My Rescue Dog Was a Rare Breed I Didn’t Know Existed
During an interview with Priyanka Chopra Jonas on Super Soul Conversations, Oprah remarked that having a dog changes the “feel” of a house. Seven months ago, I might not have understood that. But now, my home is ruled by a 17-pound, auburn-colored burst of energy we call Kori, and I know exactly what she means.
This dog DNA test helped me figure out what breed my rescue dog is and what health conditions to watch out for

Even if you picked up your puppy from the pound with no information — and you’ve been guessing or making up breeds to satisfy strangers’ curiosity ever since — there is a way to actually know the precise origins of your furry best friend. 

The Best Dog DNA Test

If your pup’s parentage is perplexing, a dog DNA test could reveal its ancestry. We dug into 17 products, consulted five genetics experts, and collected slobber from five dogs to find that Embark Breed and Health Kit’s sizable breed database, wide array of inherited-disease screenings, and reliable customer support mark it as the best dog DNA test.

The Entire 2018 List of Oprah’s Favorite Things

“There’s nothing better than discovering your roots—and that goes for fur babies, too. This test reveals a dog’s genetic age and info, as well as breed breakdown, from a small sample of slobber. Incredible!” — Oprah 

What Vets Think of ‘23andMe for Dogs’

When Mars Petcare launched its first DNA test for dogs, in 2007, you could only get it through a vet. The breed-mix test required a blood draw, and Mars thought vets could help interpret the results for inquiring dog owners. But veterinarians, it turned out, weren’t so keen on newfangled DNA tests then. 

A Startup, Embark, Wants To Be A 23andMe For Dogs

A dog lover who studied computer science and biology at Harvard, Ryan Boyko, 33, is the cofounder and CEO of Embark, a Boston-based company that tests dog DNA. He launched Embark two years ago with his brother Adam, a Cornell University genetics professor who specializes in canines.

Doggy DNA: Could Your Bulldog Be Part Chihuahua?

Genetic DNA testing for dogs are gaining popularity, with some people hosting breed reveal parties for their canine companions.

Why Huskies Have Blue Eye

The duplication of a specific canine chromosome is responsible for the piercing blue eyes in Siberian Huskies. According to a study published Thursday in PLOS Genetics, researchers tested more than 6,000 dogs and found that the duplication of canine chromosome 18 is strongly linked with the breed’s distinctive eye color. 

Best dog DNA tests: We compare Embark, Wisdom Panel, HomeDNA, and Find My Pet

Mashable writes about the growing dog DNA test trend and compares all the tests on the market. Mashable puts Embark on top after comparing the startup with various other companies including Wisdom Panel and HomeDNA.

Interview with Ryan Boyko, CEO & Co-Founder of Embark DNA

Ryan Boyko and his brother Adam have spent more than a decade learning everything they could about dogs…

How dogs are helping decode the genetic roots of personality

How dogs are helping humans. Thousands of years of selective breeding have turned man’s best friend into the ideal lab rat to study the genetic underpinnings of personality. 

Unlocking the genetic secrets of your dog

About a decade ago, companies began marketing panel tests that incorporated multiple genetic markers to help dog owners, breeders, and veterinarians determine a dog’s ancestry. Recently, companies have expanded into panel testing for multiple genetic disorders in dogs… 

Austin’s Embark bites into an adorable marketing opportunity: this year’s Puppy Bowl

An Austin tech startup has figured out a way to get lots of attention on TV on Super Bowl Sunday without spending a dime on advertising. Oh, and it involves the universally adored topic of puppies. Embark, which provides saliva-based DNA testing for dogs, is partnering with the Puppy Bowl this year to provide free testing for all 78 dogs involved in the mock Super Bowl aired on Animal Planet on Sunday… 

Quiz: It’s Puppy Bowl time! Can you guess the players’ breeds?

This year, 78 puppies will compete on teams called Ruff and Fluff, and, as usual, they’re mutts. But this year, a dog DNA testing company, Embark, has run the genetics on the pups. Think you can tell a dog’s heritage just by looking at it? Have at it — but don’t be too bummed if you do poorly… 

Boyko’s Embark goes prime time with Puppy Bowl

Animal Planet’s PUPPY BOWL XIII has become a beloved program for animal lovers around the country, and this year, scientists from the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, including Embark CTO Adam Boyko, get to ‘play ball.’ Embark, the biotech start-up co-founded by Boyko, assistant professor of biomedical sciences, has conducted DNA testing for all 78 of the Puppy Bowl players… 

Today Show: Doggie DNA home tests could help you determine breed

The Today Show featured Embark’s dog DNA test kits. The goal is to help you better manage your dog’s health, and the tests may also help you figure out their breed. NBC’s Olivia Sterns reports for Today. 

This company wants to use dog DNA to help cure cancer

Cancer research needs the next big advance to come sooner than later, could dogs hold a clue to that? The cofounders behind a startup called Embark believe the answer is yes, and they’re out to prove it. By collecting and analyzing at-home DNA kits from thousands of pups, Embark hopes to use doggie data to shed new light on human disease… 

VIDEO: DNA testing for dogs

Austin based tech startup, Embark, is hosting a kick-off event. Ryan Boyko and Dr. Adam Boyko talk about the company and the event… 

Dog DNA Testing Gets Its Day

Dog drool is a family business for Adam and Ryan Boyko. Over the past decade, the brothers have traveled the globe, fetching thousands of saliva samples from pups in Croatia, Fiji, India, Peru, Qatar, Uganda, and a dozen other countries. They carried the samples back to Adam’s genetics lab at Cornell University, where they scoured the DNA for clues about the history and evolution of man’s best friend… 

How The DNA In Your Dog’s Drool Can Help Fight Human Disease

For decades, scientists have been researching the ways to identify, prevent, and cure genetic diseases. Ryan Boyko, dog lover and public health professional, believes he knows the secret to answering medicine’s greatest questions: dog drool. Boyko is the founder of Embark, a startup that collects doggy DNA to test for over 100 different genetic diseases. Simply swab the inside of your pup’s cheek, ship out the saliva sample, and receive your results. You’ll learn about you furry friend’s genetic makeup, and have a better knowledge about his health and wellbeing… 

This startup can tell you almost everything you want to know about your dog

Just like their caretakers, every dog has a story all its own. A newly launched startup called Embark aims to tell that tale to dog owners so they better understand the origin of their pet. The company’s first product is a canine DNA test that goes a step beyond the typical breed-matching and vague origin stories of other pet heritage exams and delves deep into the health and lifestyle implications of each dog’s unique history. 

Old Dog, New Tests: Embark Uses DNA Kit to Promote Canine Health

Human genetic testing is an increasingly popular way to gain bio-intelligence about ourselves and potentially ward off illness. Now, some startups want to enable us to do the same for man’s best friend. Embark Veterinary is an Austin, TX, startup that is offering what it says is the first canine DNA test to better sort out Fido’s future healthcare needs. “Maximizing health has been a factor in human health for the last 20 years,” says Ryan Boyko, co-founder of Embark. “They’ve been doing that for themselves. Now, they want that for their dog.” 

Pet Doctor: Is there a place for DNA testing in dogs?

Pets become part of our families and about once a month, a client will ask a question that isn’t really clinical, but just interesting. Pertaining to mixed-breed dogs in particular, is sending in hair, saliva or blood samples useful in determining the breed mix in a certain dog? Up until now, I’ve been ambivalent on the subject and have given such responses as “does it really matter?” or “if you want to spend money on it, go ahead — but it makes no difference to me.” But a new company is rolling out a testing service on both mixed and pure-bred dogs with a different perspective… and it may be something you want for your pet. 

Consumer Startup Embark Veterinary to Debut Canine DNA Test

Consumer startup Embark Veterinary will introduce a new DNA test for dogs that it hopes will not only satisfy the curiosity of pet owners but advance both canine and human health research. The Austin, Texas-based firm aims to provide users of its Embark Dog DNA Test with an overview of their dog’s ancestry, disease risk, and heritable traits… 

Doggie DNA startup wants to learn about human diseases from dog drool

Finally there’s a use for doggie drool: this spring, a new startup called Embark plans to launch a DNA testing kit for dogs that will tell owners about their canine’s ancestry, and disease risk. That’s not all the founders have in mind though; they may be aiming at human diseases by enlisting our longtime best friends… 

An Austin Startup is Launching DNA Testing Kits for Dogs
So, you’re at the animal shelter and you’ve spotted the cutest little puppy that you just have to bring home; have you ever thought of testing his or her DNA? How big is it likely to get? What are some of the diseases it is prone to get based on its genetics? In many cases, it’s tough to know because few people create records mapping the family tree of their canines…
Canine experts launch ‘revolutionary’ DNA test
A canine DNA test, designed to be the most comprehensive pet genetic test on the market, is set to ‘revolutionise’ the genetic testing market. Developed by leading experts in dog and consumer genetics, the Embark Dog DNA Test tracks over 200,000 genetic markers, giving an extensive overview of both genetic disease risk and heritable traits…
McGovern incubator embraces Embark and Ecolectro
To kick off the new year, Cornell’s Kevin M. McGovern Family Center for Venture Development in the Life Sciences welcomed two startup companies to its incubator space Jan. 7 … Embark Veterinary, which seeks to apply a new canine genetic testing platform to help keep dogs healthy…
Cornell Vet School Researchers Publish Largest Ever Study of Dog Genetics

Adam Boyko, assistant professor of biomedical sciences, is the senior author of the paper. He said this study would not have been possible without the Cornell Veterinary Biobank, a collection of samples that includes the DNA of over 10,000 dogs from around the world… 

The big search to find out where dogs come from

Where do dogs come from? Before humans milked cows, herded goats or raised hogs, before they invented agriculture, or written language, before they had permanent homes, and most certainly before they had cats, they had dogs. Or dogs had them, depending on how you view the human-canine arrangement… 

As seen on TV

Cheddar News 

Ryan Boyko, CEO and co-founder of Embark, joins Cheddar Innovates to discuss what new pet owners should keep in mind when training their pets for a post-quarantine world, and how pet DNA testing kits can help you find your pet’s family.


WCVB covers Embark and shares how dog DNA testing works. CEO Ryan Boyko talks about what the test can tell dog owners.

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Embark returns as the official canine DNA test of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show
Embark and VetBloom Collaborate to Create Inaugural Canine Genomics E-Learning Courses