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  • Embark tests for more breeds than any other dog DNA test.
    “The process was easy and the results extremely helpful and surprising! Dakota is such a sweet dog and it’s so good to know her background and health issues that we are able to address before she starts showing signs and too late to treat! Thank you!”

    Leslie A. Embark Vet
  • The Embark Dog DNA Test is the highest-rated on the market.
    “I recently rescued my dog from a Chicago shelter and wanted to know which breeds she is. I also wanted to know if she had any health conditions. The information from the dna and health portion of the test was interesting and useful.”

    Yvette P. Embark Vet
  • Dog owners love Embark's Dog DNA test.
    “I love that I am given updates though out the process. In the reports details are explained for better understanding, which leads to some answer why your dog(s) look and act the way they do 💕🐾”

    Marlynn W. Embark Vet
  • Embark tests for genetic health risks, traits, and breed mix.
    “Embark was able to give me the information I needed for both of my dogs . I wasn’t worried about their breed type but it was definitely interesting to find out . The health testing was the most important part as I can now better plan their future.”

    Ashley C. Embark Vet
  • Embark has the world's only canine relative finder.
    “Great service, especially for us mixed dog owners! Got confirmation (though we sort of already knew) that our Jack and Charlie are litter mates, along with getting their DNA makeup. The website even shows potential dog “cousins” of my lil’ brothers!”

    Vincent P. Embark Vet
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    Embark’s Mission

    At Embark, we view genetics as a key to unlock a healthier, happier, longer-lived future for all dogs. Embark was founded to bring dog people together with the scientists and veterinarians working to create a better and healthier future for our canine companions. That mission drives our dedication and commitment to building the highest-quality dog DNA test focused on genetic research outcomes as well as an excellent customer experience. See what dog owners have to say about us in their reviews below.