2022 Canine Health Summit

Keynote presentation: Controversies in Canine Reproduction

Thurs, April 28, 2022 | 10:00 AM ET


Autumn Davidson, DVM, MS, DACVIM

Clinical Instructor School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California, Davis

Generally, coping with disorders in small animal reproduction is a rewarding subspecialty in veterinary medicine. Breeders owning pets with reproductive problems are usually very motivated to achieve resolution. Although a bit demanding of the clinician’s time and expertise, the breeder client tends to be very loyal and compliant. A good reproductive practice generates its own referrals, and usually is quite busy. Obstetrics and pediatrics are undeniably rewarding parts of the specialty for veterinarians and their staff. Reproductive practice incorporates the interesting fields of physiology, endocrinology, embryology, genetics, metabolism, nutrition, pediatric and maternal critical care, anesthesia, pharmacology and anatomy. The field is uniquely both medical and surgical.

Unsolved and controversial clinical problems are not uncommon to the reproductive practitioner. Progress in understanding the etiology, pathophysiology and proper therapeutics of such problems has also been hampered by anecdotal information abounding amongst the breeder clientele and often amongst veterinarians as well. The internet frequently becomes an annoyance, used by clients to challenge a clinician’s decisions. University residencies and post doctorate programs limited to and promoting advances in small animal theriogenology are uncommon. Collaboration amongst small animal reproductive specialists is developing but remains limited. Discussion of some of the controversial clinical problems familiar to the small animal reproductive practice follows.

Learning Objectives

  • Rational approach to the use of medications and supplements in canine reproduction
  • Understanding evidence based vs anecdotal information
  • Appreciate the value of the pre breeding veterinary consultation
About the Speaker

Dr. Davidson obtained her BS and MS at the University of California, Berkeley, with an emphasis in wildlife ecology and (management. Dr. Davidson is a graduate of the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Califoria, Davis. She completed an internship in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery at Texas A&M University, and a residency in Small Animal Internal Medicine at the University of California, Davis. She became board certified in internal medicine in 1992. Dr. Davidson is a clinical professor at the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California, Davis, in the department of medicine and epidemiology. She specializes in small animal reproduction and infectious disease. Additionally, Dr. Davidson operates Clarion Reproductive Services in Three Rivers, California. Dr. Davidson consults with the Smithsonian Institution National Zoological Park in Washington D.C She has authored numerous scientific publications and book chapters and is a well-known international speaker. She has travelled the world, working with cheetahs, ring tailed lemurs and giant pandas in the field. Dr. Davidson has been a breeder and exhibitor of Labrador Retrievers since 1972; she enjoys competing in conformation events and hunts tests. She also owns and enjoys working with Border Collies at home.

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