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Features of Embark for Breeders Dog DNA Test

DNA strand

Extensive genetic insights from one cheek swab

Our definition of a package deal is all of your genetic test results in one comprehensive report. Every Embark for Breeders dog DNA test includes your dog’s results for health conditions, genetic coefficient of inbreeding (COI), and 35 trait tests including coat color, shedding, and more.

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Health Tests

We know that the way a genetic mutation impacts health is often breed-specific. Embark tests for genetic risk factors relevant to your breed, but will also screen for over 215+ genetic mutations linked to disease in other breeds, allowing you, and us, to learn more about the frequency and behavior of rare genetic mutations in all dogs.

Health conditions by breed
Embark send results to the OFA

Send results to the OFA

We offer results for nearly all genetic mutation tests recommended by all national breed clubs. Our test results are accepted by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for all conditions where the OFA has an established DNA registry. You can download your Embark results directly and send to the OFA.

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Genetic Coefficient of Inbreeding

The scientific version of pedigree COI, genetic COI is an invaluable piece of genetic information to inform your breeding program and ensure the longevity of health in your breed.

By taking a genome-wide, SNP based approach, Embark’s measure of genetic COI is far more accurate than pedigree-based COI calculations, which do not take into account genetic recombination or the relatedness of more distant ancestors, or limited marker panel approaches, which are often not fully representative of the genome


Each Embark for Breeders report includes results for the classic coat loci including coat color, length, texture, shedding, and more. You’ll also learn about other body features like body size, face shape, and dewclaw propensity.

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  • E Locus (Mask/Grizzle/Recessive Red)

    K Locus (Dominant Black)

    A Locus (Agouti/Sable)

    D Locus (Dilute/Blue, Fawn)

    B Locus (Brown/Chocolate/Liver/Red)

  • Furnishings / Improper Coat (RSPO2)

    Long Haircoat (FGF5)

    Shedding (MC5R)

    Curly Coat (KRT71)

    Hairlessness (FOXI3)

    Hairlessness (SGK3)

  • Body Size – IGF1

    Body Size – IGF1R

    Body Size – STC2

    Body Size – GHR (E195K)

    Body Size – GHR (P177L)

  • Brachycephaly (BMP3)

    Natural Bobtail (T)

    Hind Dewclaws (LMBR1)

    Back Muscling & Bulk, Large Breed

    Blue Eye Color

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