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A comprehensive DNA assessment for your
German Shepherd Dog

Embark for German Shepherd Dogs

The best value for genetic health testing

Get every genetic health test we offer for German Shepherd Dogs, no add-ons required.

Embark for German Shepherd Dogs
Embark for German Shepherd Dogs

Full coat color & traits 
panel included

Learn your German Shepherd Dog’s traits: coat color, length, texture, shedding, & more.

Results you can trust

Stringent quality control ensures over 99.99% accuracy for variant tests

Free results consultation with a veterinary geneticist

All health conditions tested 3-8x for redundancy

ISO- and CLIA-certified labs for quality assurance

The #1 choice of German Shepherd Dog Breeders

"As a breeder, Embark makes genetic testing way easier. All tests are combined within one swab at an amazing price."
Tiffany Hairston