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Litter Package Policy

Rhodesian ridgeback puppies

We are thrilled to report the very positive response to Embark’s Litter Package, which makes testing the puppies in a litter more accessible than ever via a special low price point. We created this package out of a commitment to support breeders in leveraging all the benefits of Embark’s comprehensive full-panel DNA testing. This includes genetic health screening, measuring inbreeding, and screening for numerous physical traits. Together this information is highly useful to overall breeding program management, including decisions about which puppies to hold back for future breeding as well as insights to support the lifelong care of each puppy tested.

As of April 1, 2021, Embark has updated its policy for providing the Litter Package and will no longer allow for exceptions to use litter kits on puppies from different litters or on any other dogs. As announced when the package was first launched in 2020, exceptions to this policy would be permitted on a temporary basis as part of Embark’s commitment to helping breeders learn about and begin using the package and reserved the right to begin enforcing the terms at any point.

Going forward, Litter Packages must be used on puppies in the same litter.  We recognize this may be a disappointment to some, and to help make this transition, we are pleased to announce discounted pricing on all standard tests for the entire month of April. Embark is committed to making DNA testing on all dogs as accessible as possible for breeders.

Additionally, we are grateful for the many breeders who have worked with us to develop this Litter Package that meets the needs of so many breeders around the world and to further identify ways to support breeders and breed populations that typically have litters with less than 4 puppies.  Embark is pleased to report significant progress has been made in planning a new option designed for litters with 3 or more dogs, but unfortunately cannot yet guarantee if or when this will be implemented or what the specific price or terms will be. As always, we will keep the breeding community informed every step of the way and welcome any/all additional input to help us provide the best possible DNA testing products and services.

In the meantime, our standard Embark for Breeders Kits are designed for individual puppies and adult breeding dogs alike. Whether it’s our individual kits or one of our packages, thank you for your commitment to genetic health testing and for trusting Embark with your DNA testing needs.

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