Our Promise

It’s not just about long hair or short hair; or coat color, texture or shedding.
It’s not just about the coefficient of inbreeding of your dam or sire.
And it’s not just about MDR1, von Willebrand Disease, cataracts, or any other single genetic health condition found in different canine breeds.
Though, our science will tell you all of that and more.
It’s about building a better future for dogs.

One where their lifespans are extended.
One where we understand how to both predict and eliminate genetic mutations that cause sickness.
We assembled a team of the world’s leading canine geneticists at one of the most prestigious veterinary colleges.
We created a test for show, sport, and breeding dogs, and a test for mixed breed pet pups.
Because meaningful genetic discovery depends on DNA from all kinds of dogs.
And because for us, building a dog DNA company is about creating positive change for the animals that we deeply care about.

We strive to help you manage the health of your dogs today; to enable better health for the dogs of tomorrow.

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