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One of the most important and unique features of the Embark platform is the potential to make meaningful genetic discoveries to improve the health and lifespan of all dogs. And we need your help to turn this genetic data into new discoveries for canine health and traits! Phenotype information, meaning the descriptions of your dog looks and whether or not they develop certain health conditions, is the important “other half” needed to complement our high-quality genetic data for research. 

Annual Health Survey

Our Annual Health Survey is a comprehensive survey that we use to prioritize research interests. We encourage all owners and breeders to take the survey yearly. Consider taking the survey for a dog in your breeding program who has been diagnosed with a health condition and an older, healthier dog. This survey takes less than five minutes, on average, to complete. High participation from one breed group can prioritize research for that breed. Feel free to take the survey for every dog you have Embarked. Join the over 100,000 people who have already taken the survey this year.

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