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Embark: top dog of DNA tests.

Most accurate. Highest reviewed.

Other Dog DNA Tests

Breed Identification

Over 200,000 genetic markers

Most accurate breed identification available. Embark tests over 200,000 genetic markers and builds your dog's breed mix chromosome by chromosome.

vs Others

Under 10,000 genetic markers

Expect to see lower accuracy or an incomplete picture of your dog's genetic makeup with other tests on the market as they only look at roughly 10,000 markers.

Genetic Health Tests

160+ in one test

We test for over 160 diseases. Our proprietary genetic age and weight tests enable you to better care for your dog throughout his or her life.

vs Others

$50+ each

$50 or more per disease test. Dog owners must test for each disease individually or in panels of 3-7 tests for $300 or more. No genetic age or weight tests.

Physical Traits

Coat, Size, and More

More than a dozen traits included. Discover why your dog looks so cute, how big your pup will get, and more.

vs Others

$50+ each

$50 or more per trait test. Test each trait individually or in high-priced panels.

Contribute to Science


Embark is the only dog DNA test on the market that's built on science and uses data to further scientific research and improve the future health of dogs.

vs Others


No research component. No other dog DNA test is working toward ending preventable diseases in dogs.

Updates to Results


New discoveries are made and new tests are added frequently. When possible, we update your dog's profile with the results of these new tests, always at no cost. When this isn't possible (e.g. because the new test requires probes that are only available on the most recent version of our kit), it is necessary to buy a new kit.

vs Others


No. Dog owners need to pay per test if a new disease is discovered.

The Bottom Line

Embark on a Journey of Discovery

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