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Over 1,528,000 dogs have been Embarked.

They’ve had their breed mixes decoded, their genetic health screened, and their ancestry mapped. Our customers love what they learn with Embark — and they love knowing that they’re helping drive new discoveries in canine health!

Diego & Dixie — siblings reunited

Jane rescued Dixie so that Diego would have a companion to bond with before he lost his vision. Little did she know that the companion dog was Diego’s sister!

Read Diego & Dixie’s story

Find your dog's relatives

676,380 messages exchanged between dog owners
Embarked dogs are connecting with siblings, parents, and even offspring!

53 million views

for #embarkvet on TikTok

We love seeing Embarked dogs and their humans get their results. Check out #embarkvet or follow us @embarkvet to see for yourself!

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Preventative care rocks

The stone-cold truth about how Embark improves dogs’ lives

One dog owner learned from DNA testing that her pup was at risk for kidney stones. With Embark’s help, she can give her best friend the preventative care he needs to stay healthy.

Read Willie Nelson’s story

Test your dog for 230+ health conditions

61% of pet owners
plan to adjust their dog's routine after testing with Embark

A science team on a mission

Canine health is all we study

Embark's scientists are highly credentialed academics and researchers with decades of experience in the classroom, the lab, and the field. Our researchers' pack includes 18 dogs — plus 4 cats, 3 snakes, and a goat!

Embark Researchers with dogs
Embark’s researchers taking a break with their pack!

Thanks to your DNA samples and 2,303,112 survey responses, our science team has produced:

And we're just getting started!

Join our research into canine health

Embark Researchers with dogs
Embark’s researchers taking a break with their pack!

When you choose Embark, you're getting the best and most complete canine health test results.

You're supporting the work of leading researchers in canine health.

And you're joining a community of dog lovers who are committed to a brighter future for all dogkind.

You might just end up getting the zoomies too!

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