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Holiday Gifts

Celebrating the holidays with dogs is the perfect way to let the joy sink in. That’s why we compiled a list of gift ideas for dog lovers. Whether you’re looking for stocking stuffers a pup can sink their teeth into or pose for photos with, we have recommendations for all types of gifts and budgets. These gifts are a great way to show a friend or family member you’re thinking about their dog as well as them (especially if it’s their first holiday season together!)

To help you make a decision, each gift is rated based on its price and how original of an idea it is. You’re sure to find a gift suited for whoever you’re shopping for.


Christmas Gift Ideas

Deck the paws with these holly jolly Christmas gift ideas.

dog pawprint christmas ornament

A puppy pawprint ornament

Price 💲
Originality ⭐️⭐️

Who it’s for: Dogs celebrating their first Christmas

Why we love it: Looking for Christmas gift ideas for someone celebrating with their furry family member for the first time? This pawprint ornament is the perfect keepsake.. The kit comes with everything you need to make the mold—just wet your dog’s paw, place it, then let the clay air dry.

christmas stocking for dogs

A stocking for your pup

Price 💲
Originality ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Who it’s for: Dogs who want to join the festivities

Why we love it: Give your dog their own spot on the mantle with this stocking big enough to hold plenty of smaller toys and treats. If your giftee likes crafts, there’s plenty of room to add your dog’s name and customize. 

grinch dog bandana reversible

A reversible Grinch bandana

Price 💲
Originality ⭐️

Who it’s for: Dogs who dress for the occasion

Why we love it:  Get two designs for one with this reversible bandana. Your pup will be the Who’s Who at the dor park while sporting this jolly-but-not-jolly accessory. 

reindeer hide and seek dog plush toy

Hide the reindeers plush toy

Price 💲
Originality ⭐️⭐️

Who it’s for: Dogs with a hunting instinct, dogs who love squeaky toys

Why we love it: This toy can keep dogs entertained for a while—all you have to do is stuff the reindeers and set it down for them to take off with it. It’s the perfect side activity for your dog while you work on holiday prep like decorating or baking cookies.

christmas cookies for dogs

A box of canine Christmas cookies

Price 💲💲
Originality ⭐️

Who it’s for: Dogs who love treats

Why we love it: Get your pup in on Christmas cookie goodness with these artisanal treats made from all-natural high-quality ingredients. The cookies come in ready-made gift packaging—perfect for stocking stuffing!

Hanukkah Gift Ideas

Eight nights might not be enough for dogs to enjoy these gifts. 

dreidel plush for dogs

A singing dreidel plush

Price 💲💲
Originality ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Who it’s for: Dogs who love plush toys 

Why we love it: Get your pup in on the Hanukkah tradition with this plush. It even sings for added entertainment. They might end up having so much fun with it that you’ll have to keep it out all year round.

dog themed menorah

A dog-themed menorah

Price 💲💲💲
Originality ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Who it’s for:  Dog-loving families

Why we love it: Honor your Jewish heritage and your love for dogs at the same time with this stylized menorah. This gift is perfect for newlyweds, recent homeowners, or new pet parents. 

Hanukkah menorah hoodie for dogs

A Hanukkah hoodie for pups

Price 💲💲💲
Originality ⭐️⭐️

Who it’s for:  Dogs who dress for the occasion

Why we love it: Add some extra festivity to your Hanukkah celebration by putting your dog in this pun-adorned hoodie. It comes with a hole to loop your dog’s leash through and even a pocket to stow away some treats!

Hanukkah bandana for dogs

A Hanukkah bandana

Price 💲
Originality ⭐️⭐️

Who it’s for: Dogs who dress for the occasion

Why we love it: Show off your Jewish pride while you’re out on walks or at the park with your pup. This bandana is the perfect dog accessory during Hannukah and the days leading up to it.

lox fish plush for dogs

A Lox fish squeaker plush

Price 💲💲
Originality ⭐️⭐️

Who it’s for: Dogs who love plush toys

Why we love it: You probably shouldn’t give your dog actual lox to celebrate Hanukkah, but here’s the next best thing. Its shape gives your dog plenty of spots to grab it in their mouth, making it the perfect holiday plush.

Matching Pajama Gift Ideas

Nothing says holidays like a matching set of pajamas for the whole family.

Matching Hanukkah pajamas

Price 💲💲

Who it’s for: Families who celebrate Hanukkah 

Why we love it: Made from organic cotton, these pajamas fit dogs and humans of all size. You can definitely get more than eight nights of comfy out of this gift.

Footed winter pajamas

Price 💲💲

Who it’s for: Families who like an extra level of cozy

Why we love it: These footed pajamas with hoods are perfect for taking a holiday photo and then cozying up to watch a movie with some hot cocoa afterwards. 

Holiday lights pajamas

Price 💲

Who it’s for: Extra festive families

Why we love it: Light up your holiday photos with these 100% cotton PJ’s. The union suit flap that says “Out like a light” is the perfect photo op for kiddos who fell asleep waiting for Santa. This Christmas gift idea really does keep on giving.

plaid pajamas family and dog

Classic plaid pajamas

Price 💲💲

Who it’s for: Families who like things simple

Why we love it: Looking for pajamas that won’t look out of place once the new year hits? These plaid PJ’s are a more subtle nod to the holidays, but adorable all the same.

snoopy holiday pajamas woman and dog

Pet and owner matching PJ’s

Price 💲💲 Who it’s for: Single owners and their dogs Why we love it: Who says you need a whole family to enjoy matching PJ’s with your dog? Choose between multiple styles from holiday-themed to pop culture.