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5 Ways to Enjoy Fall with Your Dog


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The air is crisp, the leaves are changing, and the sky is steadily getting darker each night you take your dog out for their evening stroll. Despite the chill and the shorter days, fall is such a wonderfully cozy season–especially when you have a dog by your side.  This transition into fall is a great opportunity to make new memories together. Here are our tips for fully enjoying all this season has to offer.


Take a hike

In many places in the United States, the range of seasonal changes is a large part of fall’s charm. If you live in a state where the foliage turns colors, take it as an opportunity to bring your pup along for a hike on a dog-friendly trail. You’ll enjoy the scenery, your dog will enjoy the exercise, and you’ll get a whole new batch of photos to remember the outing by using fall nature as a backdrop. Check out these tips for hiking with your dog.

embark fall guide

Make a Howloween costume

Halloween is right around the corner and now is a great time to start thinking of ideas for your dog’s costume. Whether you’re buying online or making it at home, we have ideas for everything from DIY flower crowns and superhero capes to the cutest latte and bumblebee get-ups. Getting a head start on your dog’s costume will give you extra time to make sure it fits and help them adjust to wearing it before their spooky debut.


Make pumpkin treats

Fall is the perfect time to celebrate pumpkin everything. Even better, pumpkin is full of nutritional benefits for your pup. According to, pumpkin is full of essential fatty acids that help moisturize your pet’s skin and fur from the inside out. Pumpkin flesh and seeds are also packed with beta-carotene (vitamin A), iron, potassium, magnesium, manganese, copper, and zinc. Here is a recipe we know your dog will love:

pumpkin peanut butter dog treats

As with any new foods, check with your vet before adding pumpkin into your dog’s diet.


Groom for Colder Weather

Many dogs will begin to shed their summer coat once the weather turns cool and brisk. Now’s a good time to brush your dog more thoroughly to make sure they are comfortable and to keep your home free of extra fur. If your dog has short fur and gets chilled quickly after the seasonal shift into fall, shop for some warmer clothes to make sure they’re bundled up on your cooler nighttime walks.

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Celebrate Oktoberfest

Are you a fan of beer? Break out the bratwurst and lederhosen and find a beer garden near you to bring your pup along. You can search for outdoor Oktoberfest events near you (Double-check with the venue to see if pets are allowed under safety guidelines) or host a mini Oktoberfest in your backyard with a small group.


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