Marking the Olympic Games, we at Embark have challenged the dog lovers of America to raise money for their local animal shelters! We are running a special 20% off sale on our dog DNA tests with $10 per kit sold going to a shelter of your choice. The city with the most sales sees their shelter’s donation doubled to $20 a kit. Let the games begin! (This promotion is no longer running.)

We are delighted to be donating to a series of amazing shelters, whose heroic work saves the lives of thousands of helpless dogs around the nation. Let’s take a look at the work of our Austin beneficiary—Central Texas SPCA.

Central Texas SPCA were the first no-kill shelter in Williamson County when they opened in 1988. What makes them unique is their home-like environment. They have “condos” for all of the cats with cat towers, climbing ledges, room for visitors to come in and sit with the cats, and plenty of toys and bedding. Almost all condos have windows to outside. On the dog side, each dog has a size appropriate crate for overnighting and inclement weather. Outside the shelter has a large play areas with shade covers, splash pools in summer, and toys. If the dogs enjoy other dogs, they have playmates in their outdoor space.


CTSPCA fully vet every pet before they are adopted. That includes spay/neuter, age-appropriate vaccines, and a microchip. Cats are tested for Feline Leukemia and FIV. For dogs, they test for heartworms and start HW preventive when they’re old enough. The animals all get quality food and care from a staff of compassionate caretakers. The shelter even offers a “Forever Foster” program for animals that have been with them over a year. If a person is approved as a Forever Foster, they provide the home and love while we remain financially responsible for the pet’s care. This allows the shelter to save more pets and gives the long-term pets a home (they don’t know they aren’t officially adopted).

A shelter spokesperson explained to us where the donations will be spent: “Because we do not employ anyone to do marketing or fundraising, a significant portion of donations goes directly to animal care and the shelter operations to cover food, vet bills, utilities, and caretaker salaries. (~83%) . Marketing and fundraising operations are performed by our Board of Directors and other volunteers.”