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Breeder Tools

Canine Hip Dysplasia Testing Explained


Genetics is part of the puzzle when it comes to canine health testing prior to breeding. Testing both parents is a must in order to produce the healthiest puppies possible. There are genotype (DNA tests) for certain diseases and also phenotype (physical examinations) for others that make up the whole health testing protocol. One of...

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Breeder and puppies

Top 20 Questions to Ask Breeders Before Buying a Puppy


Adding a puppy to your family is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. You’ll want confidence in the breeder that they have put the health and welfare of the puppy first. When that 8-week-old jumble of joy arrives at your new home, how will you know if you have done your homework...

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DNA Health Summary Report
Breeder Tools

DNA Health Summary Report for Breeders


Embark now offers a handy DNA Health Summary report which highlights a dog’s breed-specific genetic health condition results in a one-page, downloadable PDF. The DNA Health Summary is available for dogs tested with any Embark DNA Kit. This new tool for breeders is an easy-to-read, snapshot report showing the risk of developing breed-specific conditions. It...

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Finnish Spitz in winter
For Breeders

Donating to Research and Discovery Means Good Will to Dogs


  This holiday season, give the gift of discovery with an Embark for Breeders DNA Kit for your breeder friends and new puppy owners. Each dog is tested across genetic markers and helps contribute to expanding Embark’s fast-growing database. This amount of data will lead to more novel discoveries sooner to help dogs live healthier,...

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English Cocker Spaniel puppies
Genetic Health Education

Planning Ahead for DNA Health Testing


  Savvy breeders, especially those who like to plan ahead, take advantage of setting up a health testing timeline to keep breeding goals on track by buying Embark for Breeders Dog DNA Kits in quantity and even purchasing gift cards to help budget costs throughout the year.   Genetic Health Testing  The beauty of DNA testing...

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lab puppies on snow
Breeder Tools

2022 Embark for Breeders Holiday Gift Guide


Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links, meaning that Embark may receive a small commission if you make a purchase. Looking for holiday gift ideas for the active dog breeder in your life? Whether a first-time breeder or a well-established one, Embark for Breeders offers these practical and fun gift suggestions for both breeder and her...

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Shetland Sheepdogs
Genetic Health Education

Top 5 Reasons to DNA Test Before You Breed


Educating yourself about canine health is one of the best ways to learn about dog breeding. There are many health screenings and genetic test results to consider when making responsible decisions while planning a litter. Let’s explore the top five reasons why knowing the genetic health risk of your dog can improve the way you...

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Breeder Tools

Enhanced My Embark for Breeders Page Highlights Breeder Tools


  When breeders log in to their account today they will experience the new look and enhanced functionality of their My Embark for Breeders page. Breeder tools, including available Matchmaker breeds, will now be front and center as well as new search functions that will make finding dogs easier, especially for those with multiple...

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Embark to School logo
Coat Genetics

Embark to School: Border Collie Coat Colors


  Embark to School: Border Collie Coat Colors Follow along in this video as we decode the DNA results of an Embark-tested Border Collie to discover Jazz’s coat color.  Learn more about Coat Color Genetics and Embark for Breeders DNA Kits.    

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Coat Color Modifiers
Coat Genetics

Decoding Coat Color Modifiers: White Spotting, Roaning, Saddle Tan, and Merle


A number of genes are known to affect coat color in dogs. It is important to note that in some cases a dog’s  genetic and environmental factors may also influence color and pattern. Research on coat color and its modifiers is ongoing. In reference to the infographic above, take a look at four coat color...

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Cattle Dog Step Test

Is My Dog Right- or Left-Pawed?


    Did you know that, just like humans, dogs can have limb dominance or paw preference when doing simple tasks like walking or reaching for something? Many owners may observe their dogs starting a variety of activities without realizing that they have a limb preference. Just like when a human always takes their first...

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Ordering DNA Kits for Adult Breeding Dogs
Genetic Health Education

When Should I Order My DNA Test Kit?


Embark Veterinary is focused on providing comprehensive results in an efficient manner. Did you know over 95% of breeders receive their results less than 21 days after we receive their DNA kits? Still, we encourage breeders to plan ahead and order kits as soon as they know how many puppies or potential breeding dogs they...

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