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Dog Decoded

Bernyk’s Breed Reveal


100% of online guesses got this wrong! As his Instagram handle suggests, Bernyk looks like a Yellow Labrador or Golden Retriever. Are you surprised to find out that, genetically, he is 50% Poodle? So are we! Bernyk’s dominant breed is 50.0% Poodle, followed by 39.6% Labrador Retriever and 10.4% Golden Retriever. That means that one...

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Understanding Results

Discover Your Dog’s Genetic Relatives with Embark’s Relative Finder


Embark offers the world’s first and only canine relative finder, so you can further explore your dog’s DNA story. Our Relative Finder shows your dog’s relatives based on how much DNA they share. It also gives you the ability to connect with their owners. In fact, it has already led to several family reunions, like...

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A Chow Chow dog runs through a field with their blue-black tongue sticking out.
Breed Surprise

Why Do So Many Dogs Have Chow Chow Ancestry?


People are often surprised to learn their dog has some Chow Chow ancestry. Why are Chows common in mixed-breed dogs, but uncommon as purebreds? Learn more about this surprisingly common breed result with Embark’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Adam Boyko. Chow Chows were popular in the 1980s Although we don’t see as many purebred Chows...

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Three brown puppies are in focus sitting outside against an unfocused street view.
Dog Genetic Health

What is a Village Dog?


Did you know that most of the dogs in the world are not descended from modern breeds? There are about a billion dogs in the world, but only a fraction of them are purebred or mixed-breed pets. The majority of dogs in the world are a unique kind of dog, called village dogs.  Here, with...

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A woman and her dog look at each other and smile while sitting outside in tall grass.
Dog Decoded

Do Dogs Look Like Their Owners?


You may have heard of the widely held belief that dogs look a lot like their owners—or vice versa, that people look a lot like their dogs. This idea has shown up in many different ways in pop culture, from the movie 101 Dalmatians to the game “Do You Look Like Your Dog?,” featuring matching...

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An Australian Shepherd dog sits at a desk with a computer monitor and an orange mug.
Bonding With Your Dog

7 Benefits of Take Your Dog to Work Day


Take Your Dog to Work Day officially occurs every year in June. But here at Embark, every day is Take Your Dog to Work Day. We’re fortunate to have a pet-friendly workplace, with several dogs running around the office at any given time. If we could, we’d bring our dogs everywhere with us. More and...

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