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Dog Decoded showing Clifford, the Big Red Dog
Dog Decoded

Decoding Clifford, the Big Red Dog


Almost everyone knows Clifford, the Big Red Dog. He’s the huge, lovable pup from children’s literature and the star of a new movie. If we ran an Embark DNA test on Clifford, what would we find? A gene that gives him his red coat? Maybe a new mutation that causes supersized dogs? Of course, Clifford...

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The Dogs on the Mayflower


The Pilgrims weren’t the only ones who arrived at Plymouth in 1620. They brought dogs on the Mayflower with them. These Pilgrim pups might have been present at the first Thanksgiving. How do we know there were dogs on the Mayflower? Thanks to journals the Pilgrims kept, we know that there were at least two...

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Health Conditions

Fanny’s Unique Story About Vitiligo in Dogs


Fanny (@fannyasfresh) is a Bernese Mountain Dog who tells a unique story about vitiligo in dogs. Fanny might have a rare condition called vitiligo. Her owner shared on Instagram that Fanny’s black fur started changing color when she was 3 or 4 years old. The color change started on her head, gradually at first, and...

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Beagle dog wearing red Santa hat next to a red Christmas stocking on a brown wood background

The Best Dog Stocking Stuffers


Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links, meaning that Embark may receive a small commission if you make a purchase. All linked products have been reviewed by a veterinarian. According to a survey in 2020, nearly 70% of dog owners say their dog has a Christmas stocking. If you’re one of them, you know you’ll...

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BFUTR 2021 The largest global tech summit for Black professionals. #LevelUp your career, your connections, your learning

Embark at BFUTR 2021


We’re thrilled to announce that Embark is attending the BFUTR Global Tech Summit, the world’s largest virtual gathering of Black tech professionals. The event takes place on Thursday, October 28 and Friday, October 29. Embark is proud to be a supporting partner of BFUTR. Speakers at BFUTR include inspiring leaders from around the globe, including...

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A brown Xolo dog lays on a green couch, resting their head on a black pillow embroidered with brightly colored flowers.

The History of Dogs and Day of the Dead


Did you know that we can trace dogs and Day of the Dead, or Día de los Muertos, all the way back to ancient civilizations? Day of the Dead has roots in Aztec and Maya traditions. Today, it’s an important part of Mexican culture. Modern Día de los Muertos takes place on November 1–2. It...

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dog in ghost costume next to pumpkins

Is Your Dog’s Behavior More “Trick” or “Treat”?


DNA is just one of the things that makes every dog unique. Dog behaviors can be as diverse as their breed mix. We know that our dogs can be a combination of a little mischievous and very sweet—and we love them for it! We surveyed over 176,000 Embark dogs to learn about their behavior at...

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Couple with dog looking at phone screen

A Swab Surprise is the Perfect Holiday Gift for the Dog Lover in Your Life


What’s better than unwrapping a holiday gift to find out it’s a dog DNA test for your beloved pup? Finding out you already have your dog’s DNA answers and can start exploring their breed mix, health results, and relatives! This year, take the waiting period out of the process with a Swab Surprise. Give the...

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TiECON East is New England's largest entrepreneurial conference.

Embark at TiECON East 2021


We’re proud to announce that Embark Veterinary participated in TiECON East, New England’s largest entrepreneurial conference. It was held on October 1, 2021 in Waltham, Massachusetts. The theme this year was Data: The New Language of Innovation. Speakers at TieCON included leaders from Amazon, Harvard, MIT, Johnson & Johnson, McKinsey and Company, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute,...

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Dog Decoded

Bernyk’s Breed Reveal


100% of online guesses got this wrong! As his Instagram handle suggests, Bernyk looks like a Yellow Labrador or Golden Retriever. Are you surprised to find out that, genetically, he is 50% Poodle? So are we! Bernyk’s dominant breed is 50.0% Poodle, followed by 39.6% Labrador Retriever and 10.4% Golden Retriever. That means that one...

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embark relatedness
Understanding Results

Discover Your Dog’s Genetic Relatives with Embark’s Relative Finder


Embark offers the world’s first and only canine relative finder, so you can further explore your dog’s DNA story. Our Relative Finder shows your dog’s relatives based on how much DNA they share. It also gives you the ability to connect with their owners. In fact, it has already led to several family reunions, like...

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A woman and her dog look at each other and smile while sitting outside in tall grass.
Dog Decoded

Do Dogs Look Like Their Owners?


You may have heard of the widely held belief that dogs look a lot like their owners—or vice versa, that people look a lot like their dogs. This idea has shown up in many different ways in pop culture, from the movie 101 Dalmatians to the game “Do You Look Like Your Dog?,” featuring matching...

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