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I’D LOVE A MEET UP! Just fyi - Archer can be a little shy at first.

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Mixed Breed


Mixed Breed

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32.7% German Shepherd Dog


German Shepherds are confident, courageous dogs with a keen sense of smell and notable intelligence. These are active working dogs who excel at many canine sports and tasks -- they are true utility dogs! Their versatility combined with their loyal companionship has them consistently listed as one of the most popular breeds in the United States.

18.4% Australian Cattle Dog


A classic cattle dog, Australian Cattle Dogs were developed from a mixture of breeds in Australia in the 19th century, and still maintain their energetic herding instincts today.

12.1% Border Collie


Border Collies are highly energetic and work-oriented herding dogs, whose stamina is matched by their intelligence and alertness. While they excel at the herding they were bred for, many Border Collies also enjoy flyball, obedience, and other canine sports. As long as they have a job to do and are physically and mentally stimulated, Border Collies can make excellent companions for the right owners.

9.8% Chow Chow


This distinctive-looking dog breed has a proud, independent spirit that some describe as catlike. Often aloof and suspicious of strangers, the Chow Chow may not be a cuddle buddy, but for the right person, they are a fiercely loyal companion.

4.6% Rottweiler


Originally used for driving cattle and protecting valuable convoys, Rottweilers are now popular family pets as well as guard, police, and military dogs.

6.8% American Staffordshire Terrier


American Staffordshire Terriers are powerful but playful dogs that are both loyal and affectionate with their owners.

4.6% Collie


Collies are attractive herding dogs, boasting a beautiful coat while being highly intelligent. They also make for extremely loyal and sweet family pets.

11.0% Supermutt


Some dogs descend from other dogs that were themselves mixed breed. These other dogs can give small contributions to the ancestry of your dog, so small that they are no longer recognizable as any one particular breed. We call this portion unresolved or “Supermutt” since it confers superpowers! Just kidding. But we do think supermutts really are super!

Breeds that likely contribute to Willie’s Supermutt result:

  • Wire Fox Terrier
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Chinook