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Bearded Collie Genetics

Learn how Embark is helping Bearded Collie breeders better understand genetic health, coat color traits, and inbreeding

What does Embark test for in Bearded Collie?

Genetic health tests offered by Embark for Bearded Collies:

  • Collie Eye Anomaly, Choroidal Hypoplasia, CEA (NHEJ1)
  • Degenerative Myelopathy, DM (SOD1A)

Learn more about these health conditions on our health page.

Presentation explores COI, factors to consider when making breeding choices, and other expert advice.

Did you know?

Embark provides free educational presentations for breed club organizations. If you’re interested in having Embark for Breeders host a Facebook Live Presentation for your breed club/canine organization, please fill out this request form.

Bearded Collie