Embark for Breeders

Embark for Breeders is a comprehensive test that includes results for 250+ genetic health risks, 35+ traits, and your dog and its breed's coefficient of inbreeding (COI). With 99% genotyping accuracy for single-variant tests, and useful breeder tools and services, you can make the best choices for your breeding program.

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Health conditions

Health conditions

Embark's full panel test gives you results for 250+ genetic variants.

Testing your breeding stock for genetic health conditions is at the foundation of a sound breeding program.

Embark results highlight breed-relevant genetic health conditions such as PRA and urate kidney and bladder stones. Knowing which dogs have at-risk or other notable results (such as carrying one copy of a recessive variant) can help you maintain a robust gene pool and make informed decisions while planning your next litter.

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Coefficient of inbreeding

Coefficient of inbreeding

Embark tests use 230,000+ markers—more than any other dog DNA test—to determine a dog’s genetic COI.

Compared to traditional pedigree-based estimates, genetic COI is an easier and more accurate method for measuring inbreeding across generations. Genetic COI evaluates your dog’s DNA to quantify the stretches of DNA that are identical due to inbreeding.

Genetic COI has demonstrated effects on canine health. Studies have shown that increases in COI are correlated with a reduction in litter size, reduced fertility, and decreased disease resistance, as well as a failure to thrive in puppies (Chu et al., 2019).

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Coat and body traits

Coat and body traits

Genetic testing for traits can assist breeders when following breed standards for acceptable colors, coat types, lengths, and textures, as well as tail length.

Embark tests for 35+ physical traits, including coat color, shedding, predicted adult body size, and more.

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Embark breed ancestry

Embark breed ancestry

Embark tests for 350+ breeds, types, and varieties to determine your dog's genetic breed ancestry by comparing it to a breed's genetic signature.

Embark uses a proven scientific approach to assess the genetic makeup of the dog using a process involving reference panels.

Embark’s reference panel is a group of dogs that have all been registered with a breed registration body as purebred in a particular breed. Embark’s reference database of tens of thousands of purebred dogs is the largest and most diverse in the world.

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Breeder Tools and Services

  • DNA health summary report

    Highlights breed-specific health results and is a great tool for a breeder to share genetic information with a new or prospective puppy owner.

  • OFA submission report

    Our DNA test results are accepted by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for all conditions where OFA has an established DNA registry. This report makes it easy to submit to the OFA as a downloadable PDF. See example report

  • Download your dog's raw DNA data

    Embark allows you to download your dog’s raw DNA and transfer the results for breed ancestry, traits, and more to other applications.

  • Free genetic results counseling

    Access to Embark genetics experts to help you navigate your DNA test results to manage and improve your breeding program.

  • Pair Predictor tool

    Pair Predictor compares any sire and dam from your breeding program for predicted genetic health conditions and expected COI* for litters. *COI predictions available for select breeds.

  • Matchmaker tool

    Matchmaker* enables breeders to predict inherited disease variants, genetic COI, and traits of a planned litter from an Embark-tested dog outside of your program. *Available only for certain breeds

Additional benefits of Embark for Breeders DNA kit

Embark for Breeders Breed + Health for pet owners
Breed ancestry
Genetic health screening
Physical Traits
Relative Finder
Genetic results counseling
OFA submission report
Select single-breed dogs only
Raw DNA data
Select breeds only
Pair Predictor
DNA Health Summary report
A sharable one-page PDF
Bulk pricing

Ready to optimize your breeding program?

When planning your next litter, reduce the likelihood of puppies that are at-risk for genetic conditions. Testing parents before breeding, and the litter, will give you valuable insights for the next generation.

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