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Measuring Inbreeding and How Genetic COI Can Help Your Breeding Program


Inbreeding, Genetic COI, and Why They Matter to Your Breeding Program

Learn about genetic COI (coefficient of inbreeding) and how it can be used to inform breeding decisions with Aaron Sams, PhD.

Many factors are considered when choosing which dogs to use in breeding programs including conformation, temperament, genetic disease mutations, and much more. Assessing the impact of inbreeding is another factor to consider.

In this episode of the Embark Insider’s video series, Dr. Aaron Sams, Director of Research and Scientific Product Development at Embark, discusses how to best apply Embark’s genetic COI results to real breeding decisions. Plus, learn the difference between genetic COI vs pedigree-based COI.

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Aaron Sams, PhD Scientist

Dr. Aaron J. Sams is a Director of Scientific R&D at Embark. As a member of Embark’s leadership team, he is excited to be working with Embark scientists to conduct research and build products that are impactful to our customers and all dogs. He graduated with honors from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville and received an MS and PhD in Biological Anthropology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison prior to conducting postdoctoral research at Cornell University.

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