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Illustrated puppies with different color coats due to Mendelian inheritance
How Dog DNA Testing Works

Mendelian Inheritance Explained


All living things inherit their traits from their parents, whether it’s a person’s height, a dog’s coat type, or a flower’s petal color. Traits aren’t copied with 100% accuracy from parent to offspring, though. Since traits are inherited from both parents, all sorts of mixing and matching can occur on the genetic level. The environment...

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Training & Behavior

How to Teach a Dog to Stay


Are you getting started with training and wondering how to teach your dog to stay? “Stay” is a great command for laying a foundation for future training, getting your dog to focus, and even keeping them safe in some situations. Whether you’re trying to train an older rescue dog or a new puppy, here are...

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dogs with treats
Dog Nutrition

Homemade Dog Treats Your Pup Will Love


Here are three dog-friendly recipes you can whip up with common ingredients around the house. Safety note:  For recipes containing peanut butter, check the nutrition info to see if xylitol is an ingredient. Xylitol is used as a sweetener in some food products and can be harmful to dogs even in small quantities. Generally, all-natural...

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woman sitting inside with dog by her side
Training & Behavior

How to Stop Your Dog from Barking


Sometimes your dog just wants to be heard. Barking is a natural means of communication for dogs, but it can be disruptive if left unchecked. If you want to stop your dog barking, the first step is to figure out why they’re barking in the first place. Here are the top 5 reasons why your...

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man wearing face mask with dog outside while social distancing
Resources & Insights

How to Walk Your Dog While Social Distancing


Even though some states may be reopening in phases, you should still be social distancing with your dog. The CDC recommends taking the same precautions with your dog as if they were a person, which means maintaining 6 feet of distance between them and other people and animals while you walk them outside.  Social distancing...

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Hiking infographic header illustrated dog and trees
Bonding With Your Dog

Tips for Hiking With Your Dog


Hiking with dogs is one of our favorite summer activities, and we’re hitting the trails. Hiking is a great way to get outside and bond with your dog, but it does require a certain amount of preparation. That’s especially true if you are hiking with your dog for the first time. Here are our pro...

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black rectangle

Standing in Solidarity


We at Embark recognize the hurt, anger, and sadness of our broader community. To our Black community members, we are here and we are listening. Acts of injustice against Black Americans — including George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Christian Cooper, and many others – call for change. There is no place for injustice in...

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embark dogs sleeping on bed
Training & Behavior

Dog Sleeping Habits


Dogs sleep a lot. According to AKC, dogs can spend half their day napping. That number is higher for older dogs and larger breed dogs. Not all dogs doze off in the same way, however. We surveyed over 53,000 owners who’ve tested their dogs with us to see what their bedtime habits are.   Where...

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nelly breed results

How One Illinois Dog Cheered Up a Neighborhood


While everyone is self quarantining, families are looking for ways to spend quality time together inside. One such family is the Truszkowsks in Wilmette, Illinois, who fostered a pregnant dog and soon after, her litter of puppies. With a window for socially-distancing walk bys for puppy-viewing, they’ve become the delight of their neighborhood. We were...

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emotional support dog with person

What is an Emotional Support Dog?


Update: As of 5.21.20, we have edited this post based on feedback received from members of the service animal community. We have made the following edits to clearly convey what an emotional support animal is (and is not) and how they differ from a service animal: Any mention of “registration” has been removed to clarify...

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goldie mother's day adoption

Celebrate Mother’s Day by Adopting a Mama Dog


It’s common for shelters to bring in female dogs who are pregnant or who’ve had puppies recently. Often times the puppies go on to find homes but their mother is left behind at the shelter. We’re partnering with shelters across the country to spread the word about mama dogs available for adoption to celebrate Mother’s...

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puppy litter with different colors
Understanding Results

Recombination Explained: How Littermates Can Look Different


When two different purebred dogs have puppies, the resulting litter can have a wide spectrum of looks. This effect is compounded if the parents themselves are mixed breed. Sometimes it can be hard to believe the puppies are related going solely off their appearance. While it’s possible for one litter of puppies to have multiple...

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